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    i want to say some thing…… indian peoples are worst than animals. They are rapers, old thinking en smell like shit.
    the most dirty people on the world and digusting. They should make india like north- korea. Stay in ure fucking shit country. I have indian blood and if was possibble i change my blood!!!

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    This is the biggest problem in India. Before the Police or any other Intelligence goes our news team goes.  I really shamed for this. we have to encounter this news guys before the actual criminals .

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    How you can say better than Islamic countries your are the worse people on this earth drinking the pee of cow and killing the innocent kashmiries people what you did in gujraat.And if you want to know whats going on your country just watch the crime patrol program based on real stories of crimes.

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    women's stop him shame on idian public really what I watched in movies that Indian public is like scum its proved today there were a lot of men,s but nobody showed courage thx Indian brave women,s.


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