We’re so grateful to hit 100ok subscribers! Thanks a lot for following our journey! It was such a loopy day with our viral video and its been a lot enjoyable!



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    Yay!!! Congratulations! I'm from Utah as well so have been following since the very beginning! Love you all so much and feel like I'm a part of the family. Glad you're getting some well deserved followers and recognition! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Yay congrats on reaching 100k subscribers – couldn't happen to a nicer family, I've been watching for about 18 months now and it's always the last thing I do at night before bed (I'm in the UK so a few hours ahead of you guys) well done :-D

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    Congrats on 100K! You truly deserve this. It's so fun how the video went viral. I laughed so hard when seeing it in the vlog and now it's everywhere! Today I was reading the news (here in the Netherlands) and I saw an article about it. I got really excited and said: "Look it's Ashley!" And the rest was like "Uhm who's Ashley? How do you know her?" Whoops… forgot that only I watch the vlogs, for a moment haha.

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    I've been here since Day 1 when you did sex reveal and kept us updated from bed (cause you were in bedrest). Your family gives me soooo much joy. please continue doing what you doing and dont change. #Day1 #100k congrats.

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    WOW, I was just on Facebook, and the "Daily Mail" had your clip in the pantry. You went world wide! So happy for you guys! Been watching since they were 3 months old everyday. Still can't tell Scarlett and Evie apart, but since your families have a hard time, I don't feel bad. God Bless!

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    not being rude or picking or judging in any way but just wanted to give you guys a tip that alot of people dont realise with grapes, as they are a massive choking hazard people tend to cut then like you guys did but cutting them in half like that they are still a choking hazard they are best being cut in half but long ways so if they do go straight down they can fit and won't create a blockage…. just a handy tip for you guys with so many babies!!!


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