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    Only a skydiver would know how to disable Steven's main and reserve parachutes. But I'm curious how Steven didn't manage to detect the sabotage during his last safety check before putting his chute on. That's a bit strange.

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    if i were to commit suicide i wouldnt bother cutting the cords of my chute i would just not open them during the dive so that in case i changed my mind i can still open them, the victim tried everything to save his life but to no avail, this is clearly a murder, they should look into those have access to the chute…

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    Some guy did similar suicide here in turkey, undid tandem harness connecting him to the pilot subsequently falling strait down the mountain on take off (in front of new wife) Pilot was arrested, everyone think it accident etc. few days later police discovered suicide note (because of money issues)
    Very elaborate, why not just jump sumwhere quietly? lots of mountains in these parts, but sum people, i suppose, just wana go with a bang. tragic.

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    The perfect murder. It makes no sense to cut your own chute and still try to open both the main and reserve. If you did it yourself and knew there was 100% no way it would open because it was cut why would you even try? You'd just enjoy the view until you died you wouldnt bother trying to open anything at all. It doesn't make sense. Someone got away with the perfect murder.

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    Murder or suicide? I don't know. But I do know there are people out there that want to commit the perfect murder. No other motive. They believe they are smart enough to get away with it. And in some cases, they really do.

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    thats just dumb, hoping they magicly where connected to the straps again? murder no doubt i dont understand how the police sometimes where confused and the media asking if it was a suicide or a murder, even a blind person would be able to think this through lol.

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    If that was a suicide it would have been pretty sick of him to act like everything was ok and even dive into a formation jump with his cadet colleagues. Just too elaborate of an act to be suicide. 

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    I feel so sad for the guy if it was murder horrific if he killed himself so tragic i feel it was murder why did he try to save himself 20 year olds love there mates  he would not put them through his own shit  someone killed this lad  ….

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    Ok……if he planned to kill himself, then why would he pull his reserve chute and the 3rd safety system after his first chute failed?? Obviously he would've known that he had cut the straps to everything and that none of it would work. So why pull them? It's because he had no idea that his parachute had been tampered with. It has to be murder. The only other possibility would be that he wanted to die, but he didn't want his family or friends to think that it was done by his own hand. But I seriously doubt that. This is murder, and I don't see how anyone could think that it's anything but murder. I haven't heard one investigator on this documentary mention the fact that he pulled the backups when he should've known they didn't work if he had done it. I don't even think they realize this about the parachute because they are still saying suicide is a possibility.


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