Akshay Kumar’s Video On Bengaluru Molestation Has Gone Viral


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    All major religions of world don't permit women to wear a dress, which exposes their bodies. This molestation case clearly shows that there is no fear of law and police. Bring strict laws and implement where no body thinks of doing a crime. Bring a law of stoning to death in public, so that no one dares. Akshay Kumar many people like u gave many advises, which does not brought any change in society till now

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    Mr ak shay kumar first tell your people to be proper, they are the ones who have spot bangalore. If your people continue to spoil south then we will fail case against your people in supreme court

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    Thanks Akshay, Thanks a lot for supporting girls. Thing is, molestation of girls in crowded places, bus, trains, temples, dark alley in India is not a new thing. Since I was ten years old, I learned to place my hands in front of my breasts whenever I was in crowded place. I learned this in hard way when I was in a local train travelling with my parents and I was in Class 5 then !!! the markets in Kolkata taught me how to dodge people trying to touch me inappropriately in crowds. When I was in graduation in Bangalore, I again learned that there is no escape. While going to college, I had to fight with molesters almost on weekly basis in BMTC bus. While coming back in 31st night in Bangalore, I saw the crowds of boys, men drunk, whistling, laughing, shouting, screaming from the safe shelter of my car and I thanked my God selfishly that nowadays I hardly have to travel by bus or need to walk on the road in night in a crowd. I saw lots of girls happy and laughing and I wondered. are they safe? God save them if something happens.

    Recently I went to Sanctum Bangalore for a night out, For those who do not know the club is is one of the great club in Bangalore. There was a good crowd and I was walking down in the crowd and suddenly I found my self my hands folded in front of my breasts, though There WAS NO NEED. no one was going to touch my breast there I was 100% sure. But I discovered that I still have that deep seated trauma in my mind, I still feel insecure in a crowd.

    So, Thanks Akshay but this will not change at least in near future. Girls are on their own in India.

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    Ladies & Gentleman just learn to remember one thing.. take this as a golden chance to kick their nuts as hard as possible and as many times as possible.. very simple.. sach me bahut pain hota hai.. hey you good guys help these girls and do the same.. instant justice will be delivered..;-)


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