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    This is not funny… but… "hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands cause they rapin errybody out here" LOL!! woulda made a better story if he beat that sick fuck to death though.

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    That wasn't me I don't break into houses I was at Disney land that was Justin Avustin How much you going to pay me to not use my demon hunting LICENCE and kill all I didn't have carry underwood a baby in all dimensions just 1 she replaced herself as a robot carry underwood is a dame robot when 2 robots me and carry make love it's robot special because it was a real hack of good work I doubt I even had a baby with carry underwood Ww.Or vor sir see Vee Ree she.netorsee "magic go atow row vo so row show dough" you demons are lires off the map asap


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