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    Gee Wiz Uncle Colin, thats a Hellva lotta coincidences, ah-lotta coincidence … Hopefully all these coincidences of murder and mayhem have dire consequences. You do remember..? That ole' Devil Consequences. I bet even Eddie"Rochester"Anderson would agree too try as hard as ya can, and, Don't make the black kids angry.
    That old Devil Consequences .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nsxLeqDGpw

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    To fix Inner Cities and many other issues…. 1. Stop long term Welfare for able-bodied, will force them to get back to work.
    2. Make Prison suck again. Tent Cities, Hard Labor, proper sentencing for bad crimes, of course have education & counseling.
    3. Stop Illegal Immigration so the jobs can be there for those who don't want to go to Prison anymore and can't get welfare.
    4. Stop Divorce… parents required to stay together if have children at home. Only in extreme situations allow divorce.

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    Colin, every day you get up, go out and fight the good fight; spreading truth that would otherwise be brushed aside or willfully ignored. Your battle scars are, no doubt, deep and lingering, yet you push forth day in and day out. Please stay strong and do not falter.

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    I live in the suburbs of Baltimore. I would have to have my arm twisted near off, for me to want to visit downtown Baltimore.

    I have heard that as a white person I just can't understand the black experience.

    Many moons ago, a number of us went to an amusement park. At that time the black Bart Simpson t-shirts were very popular. These t-shirts showed Bart doing various things and most of the time saying "It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand". I told my friends that I wanted to get a t-shirt made in the park that had Albert Einstein's face on it with E = MC(2) (I don't know how to do squared) with Albert saying, "It's a white thing, you wouldn't understand". All my friends said they would leave me if I did. SO I chickened out. But it was funny to talk about.

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    oooo, let's all be scared. of the big bad nigger, ooooo, fuck you pieces of shit, get a job, I catch you in the process of your crime, no judge, no jury, no jail, your done, on the spot, I OWN YOU!!!,

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    Your most immediate danger ( fill in the blanks)
    Would you believe—? —– Would you believe-?—-Well then– Then would you believe? ( you may write anything but the truth )

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    hi Aha! Before the clock striker 12 Mid Night in the City of Chicago there was a body count of 800 black people murdered by other black people and! And triple diget 1000's who were victimized by fools who so happened to be black! such a sad shame of a people!


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