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    I don't like BLM but there's never been any proof that they belonged to them I watched the video they never made any reference to them all they did was say fuck white people and some random shit about Donald Trump.

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    People who would commit such acts of senseless and cruel violence have forfeited any pretense of humanity. Animals is what they are, in the purest sense of the word.

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    If this was a black guy getting beaten up, Steven would care less. He'd put on his calm factual persona. he might even throw in a few jokes, but he'd be talking about how it doesn't represent the statistical averages. He'd say BLM caused it by provoking white hate. So he'd spin it against BLM, and the media either way. He might even be proud of the attack; 'hey don't complain, those BLMs/SJWs had it coming.'

    the thing he's complaining about; the mainstream media watering it down… guess what; TYT posted a video and they were outraged. Steven, give them some credit for "telling the truth". doesn't fit your narrative huh?

    the thing you have in common with TYT is that you both used a sad event to tout your world view, and villainize your opposition. good job.

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    BAD HOME TRAING, HEY they just had bad home training. Now how to best resolve this. First they must be removed from their inadequate home environment. And they need to be placed where they can obtain some proper training. Proper training could take many years to overcome 18 years of bad home training, I would say at least 18 years. I also know the perfect location where they will be exposed to improved social skills. ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY FOR 18 years.

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    He wasn't Kidnapped Asshole. He was hanging out with the girl he went to school with. After he was play fighting with one of the guys there it turned into an assault. They were all drunk and high and they took advantage of that guy. Putting him on fb,calling out gang names and trying to show people how tough they are. Yes, it was Horrible and embarrassing to the Black community. Most of us say Fuck Trump and Fuck whites and blacks and Latinos and Asians. It wasn't a Race Hate Crime. They kill each other at an Alarming rate in Chicago. I'd they was hunting for a white person to Kidnapp and kill…that kid would've been Dead. Tell the truth. Yes..lock them up, but stop it with the Xtra lies. Now you feel a little bit of the frustration that blacks are feeling when they get killed unjustly and the cops walk free..Wonderful!

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    a crime, usually violent, motivated by prejudice or intolerance toward an individual’s national origin, (ethnicity, color), religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or (disability). 3 thing listed

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    Wow people make every excuse in the book for black people, if it was white people beating a black guy all hell would break loose. Thats why any wanna be thug comes up on me in a dark alley or street they are getting stabbed, be them white or black i dont care.

    Damn racist niggers.

    Yes Black people != niggers

    Niggers are black trash

    Wiggers are white trash, or just called white trash.

    GET OVER IT if it offends you GET OVER IT THATS ALL!

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    The main reasons I think why NO one wants to say what is really going on since there's a fear of getting shot possible with all the pissed off people out there for the black lives matter movement an the police is starting to stand down it looks like to me…

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    Its ….not right that those kids; so very foolish kids, who did that to the special needs kid.

    Its…really really stupid; like, why? If you hate Trump and have some discomfort for whites…join a group; which will be rightly be labeled for hate of the racial persuasion and protest or seek to impeach trump after he gets into office; or whenever its possible.

    I mean, why? No point or need to do that; especially when you show you face.

    You're mad Trump got into office? Okay, protest. Simple stuff.


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