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    Good effort made to gather public opinion. If you like to, I want to add mine. There are several aspects to it. Corruption in the armed forces and para military is a long story. It did not start today. Indian armed forces are well known. We hear stray stories and dont know wht happened later. E.g., many years ago a read about a Captain in Army Service Corps noticed and tried to report pilferage and also purchase of poor quality food. But his superiors said he had mental problem and referred him to army psychiatrists I dont know aht happened later. So, authorities should be made accountable and transactions should be transparent and auiditable.
    Next is on the so-called discipline. Absolute and unquestioning obedience is considered discipline. It is not. Offices and OR (other ranks) are 2 big social classes. Officers consider themselves a superior breed of humans not just classified as performing a different level of responsibilities and hence having more powers. Absence of comlaint does not mean everyhting is perfect. It may be necessary to prepare a war like situation, but against humanity. This concept should thoroughly reviewed.
    Soldiers are a part of the society and cannot be isolated. In spite of training and rigamore,. they too can see and hear what is going one. They too connect to the world and above all, can think.
    In this particular case, the complainant is unjustly transferred whereas the established practice is when a serious anamoly is noticed in one unit or on an event, the one responsibile is temporarily moved away during the enquiry. Complainant is not transferred. Next, the one investigating is anouther senior officer from the same organisation BSF. The DIG concerned has already made so many negative remarks about the complainant that he is indisciplined etc., suggesting his bias and the likely outcome.
    In this situation only a strong public opinion can do a little help, though not fundamental changes.

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    Great job boss….. Being an Indian it's really very sad that such type of things are happening with our Jawan…. Govt shud see this matter deeply…. LOWER stage Jawan's are help less… The vedio whatever we saw was 2000% right….


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