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    After viewing The Video? I think that's a pretty Fair Reprimand… He didn't have to escalate the situation… He was supposed to be THE ADULT in the Incident… I DO NOT THINK He should loose his Job for it though… It could have just been One Of Those Days…

    Lesson Learned Though… JMO…

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    I think they should have fired his ass really come on cops are getting away with too damn much really come on and then on top of this they have a right to even shoot your dog even if it's friendly or even if it barks even if it feels like you want to just shoot your dog well if that is what's going on as well as them getting away with everything else where are our rights why are they getting away with so damn much what if we started fighting back and started doing things back to them we would be in the wrong if we're standing up for what is right I am so sick and tired of this racist s*** why can't we all stand together no matter what color we are and fight for what we believe is right hey if Martin Luther King pulled all people together no matter the color and people risk their lives and those who were beat and brutalized of all shades of colors why can't we do this again and put these dirty cops to shame and give them what they deserve and stop being so racist towards one another the world is getting it's time that we try to make something better out of it worse and also please try to remember not all cops are dirty there are a few good one although it seems that lately there isn't

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    After he failed to protect and serve a child being strangled by a grown man.. After he turned the lives of an entire family upside down by arresting them and not the attacker. After his actions justified the acts of a racist man who chokes children. 10days suspension. Where is the justice? Does it even exist?

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    you guys need to stop disrespecting the police. they work hard to protect us from window tint and loud exhaust pipes. they put their lives on the line everyday to meet their quotas guys. quit hating on these pigs ):


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