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    this black girl talk bullshit . she talk about illegal relationship and make love. those hamas fighters try free country not have time for u bullshit . and she liar . gaza is nt different country. stupid girl

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    I See The Objective Of The Jews They Do Not Want A 2 State Country. They Want It All And Will Not Stop Until All The Palestinian Are Out Of The Country. Then They Will Have Control over the Whole Country And They Will Build A wall Around All Of It. And Say Now We Shall Live In Peace Because Americans Supported It Without Dividing It In Half For A 2 State Country. Will The Attacks Stop 10,000 Years Of This Crap Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better Now That You Can Bank On. WAR WILL NOT SOLVE THIS SO JEWS WILL SAY NO THE HAMAS HEZBBOLAH AND MAYBE THE JEWS WILL CREATE NEW AND IMPROVED TERRORIST TO ATTACK THEM. SO SLEEPING WITH ONE EYE OPEN HAS TO SUCK!!!! BUT THIS BY EXAMPLE WILL SHOW YOU WHAT GREED GETS YOU!!!!

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    oh wait so USA takes off Taliban from his terrorism list but can't take off Hamas which is exactly what the Taliban doing fighting invaders as they refer to. you know why it can't take off Hamas? because Israel has the the say not USA…

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    Jordan was also part of "Palestine" and its majority are "Palestinians". Why isn't Jordan "occupying" "Palestine"? Oh right, because they're all Arab Muslims. The Palestinian fabrication didn't exist until the 60s; Nothing more than a constructed, fabricated lie to delegitimize Israels existence and continue this so called "Middle East Conflict".

    As if the Israeli-"Palestinian" conflict is the Middle East conflict. Please people, all you have to do is bother to examine history, facts and the evidence.

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    Blaming Israel for Palestine's poor situation is ridiculous. Why not blame Israel for Jordan's poverty level living, or Syria's absolute destruction, or Iraq's horrible living conditions.

    FACT: The Middle East is one of the worst places to live on planet Earth. Before the Jews arrived in Israel, it was still poverty level living. If the Jews left, it would still be poverty level living. The Middle East in general is full of despair and daily death. Iraq and Syria right now makes the Gaza Strip look like peanuts.

    Point is, if you ever visit the Middle East, you'd better secure a ticket to Israel, where you'll be guaranteed rights and protection, modern day technology, unlimited education, democratic processes, and everything else. Go next door and you'll live under Islamic theocratic rule, where you will have your hands cut off for stealing, and you'll probably be blown up in a suicide bombing.

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    I don't know why, but for some reason the part that got me the most in this and (surprisingly) made me belly laugh was the pop up press conference at arou 7:00 in:

    "…the enemy has to know that…any foolishness on their part will always be followed by a strong response! We are the resistance. Until Death! Until Death!

    …does anybody have a question?"

    Going from the fire and brimstone rhetoric and then switching gears to the regular everyday press conference. If that doesn't show you the dichotomies of the Middle East, nothing does.
    Thank you for making this, and thank you to all you folks at Vice for putting your necks on the line to film this stuff.

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    Jew press and mass media has desinformed saying palestinians are not "philisteans", they are!!!. philisteans occupied those lands centuries before jews, in fact in the bible jews had to throw philistenians for occuping those lands.

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    All MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS are terrorist. They have murdered more people than any psychopaths.. You fools ! Do your homework before you decide to devote your life to something a 6th grader can decipher.

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    I'm glad I live on a continent on the other side of the world separated by an ocean in either direction from this clusterfuck region of the world known as the Middle East. It's just nonstop killing over bullshit.

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    I believe basic necessities like food, shelter, access to medical care and medication, as well as feeling secure and unmolested in your own country, should all be sorted out first, then second comes God, and your right to your own beliefs.

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    Bloody hell execution for hash. 6 years for having a baby but not married that is barbaric. Hamas rules by fear. If only all of the Jews and Muslims could manage to live in peace in this tiny country. Ah well dream on.

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    this is like watching a superbowl when your team didn't make it to the playoffs… you know that there will be blood sweat and tears from both sides, someone wins someone loses, but either way I don't have any skin in the game. terrorist vs terrorist the more that die the better for the world. fucking religion.


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