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    It's interesting how complaining is actually in the nature of men. People come here, they enjoy this song and it starts over and over again: it should have been included, it's so much better.

    The truth is that David knew better, it as the very least doesn't fit the album so much and overall it's not that "harsh" as the other part of the album. It is obvious that this variation would spoil the whole image of Blackstar, which a concept album. I'm not even saying that having two songs is better.

    My personal opinion is that Sue on Blackstar is better, those beats are just irreplaceable for an album like this and for some reason lyrics sound more dramatic there and I think it should have been a part of the reason.

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    Go listen to the 7 minute (Real version) of this, music videos always end up neutering the actual music in some way (mostly in length). That version is amazing and after hearing it i think the album version maybe departed a little too much from the full on jazz of the original. Both versions aim for slightly different aesthetics anyways and they are successful.

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    Finally I could watch the video on my Phone, this and the Blackstar versions are amazing, in some days are going to be a quarter of year from his death, its very bad that the best musicians are dying in these days

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    I prefer the Blackstar version. The opening is more concentrated and aggressive which heightens the dissonance between the E, C# and G and the instrumentation is less "in your face" which makes the song easier to listen to.

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    If you put your Dark Star out in the Sun a Galaxy appears on the Cover,…he did this in secret with the Cover makers as a parting gift and as a statement that behind the Dark is the Light.

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    Brilliant. Can't get used to the fact that I will never experience the thrill of hearing new music from David Bowie again. Ever since I first saw Ashes to Ashes on TV when I was 9 years old…. perhaps we will see each other again in the next life.

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    Other than the great song, I have to say, the video is a work of a genius. Sadly there's no name on it.
    Correction: found it from other sources.
    The song was recorded earlier this year with the Maria Schneider Orchestra and produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti.
    Shot in London, the film was directed by Tom Hingston and features studio footage from Jimmy King of David and the Maria Schneider orchestra in New York.

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    Blackstar is one of my favourite Bowie albums, but I really wish this was the version of Sue used in the final album.
    The newer one has good new instrumentation, but I feel the vocals fit the music much better here.


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