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    Mittens threat translation: Listen here you worthless piece of shit. You are a fuck in need of hearing aids.
    I'm gonna tie you up in your mother's house, and ram a corn cob up your ass while a ton of crack whores pound the ever living shit out of your mom.
    And after I'm done, I will personally drown you in a tub of bleach and drop your body in the Nile river.
    No one, will remember you.

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    I didn't get this previously, even after watching this animation many times before;

    It's actually pretty fucked up when Mittens' detective partner says the serial killer he caught was a local accountant who was trying to somehow make it so that they could get paid money as they put in time via murdering and gutting people…

    Gee, I'm not sure what's worse;

    The greedy serial killer they had on their hands or the fact that Mittens himself killed someone over something as petty as them getting his food order wrong… twice. 😛

    You have an odd but still hilarious sense of humor in animation, Jason.

    Haha :D


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