Did Eve Have Intercourse With the Satan Or Did She Simply Eat Some Fruit? – Half 2 – Cain and Abel

OK, Genesis four:1 what is going on on right here, as a result of it is senseless once we add within the proof which I revealed partly one, so I’ll copy it right here once more:

Gen four:1-2 And Adam knew Eve his spouse; and she or he conceived, and naked Cain, and stated, I’ve gotten a person from the LORD. 2 And he or she once more naked his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, however Cain was a tiller of the bottom.

Now earlier than I expound on the opposite writings let us take a look at the KJV first to see if we are able to make any sense of it: “And Adam knew Eve, his spouse,” hiya, excuse me, Adam did what? Adam had already ‘identified’ his spouse in The Backyard, so how is it that after expulsion from The Backyard he’s solely now ‘figuring out’ his spouse as if for the primary time? And what has occurred to the 2 seeds if Adam is the daddy of each Cain and Abel? Discover, it does not say “And Adam knew Eve his spouse once more”. Then it says she conceived and naked Cain and never solely that however she says she has: “Gotten a person from the Lord”. We then have Eve conceiving and baring Abel, however with Adam having solely identified her as soon as, so what is going on on right here!!?? We have to perceive that Eve fell pregnant on account of sinful, evil, promiscuous and lascivious sexual acts after which declares she has been blessed with a person from the Lord. How does that work then, does the Lord bless sin? We solely need to recall what occurred to King David’s youngster via his illicit sexual shenanigans with Bathsheba to know that The Lord doesn’t bless the fruits of the womb of Biblical characters once they misbehave. You may learn the story in 2 Samuel 12 and specifically verse 15.

Make no mistake Eve’s evil union with the Satan would, and will, solely carry bother, not solely to her, however to Adam, and for all mankind sooner or later as properly, culminating within the flood and the sinful publish flood world, too i.e. our world at present. If we all know the story, we may also know that the fruits of this occasion could be graphically displayed in the way in which through which Cain seems i.e. what sort of a being he was – a human being – NOT A MAN; Cain was the primary human being. As an apart, ‘Hu’ from the Hebrew/Gaelic tongue means ‘serpent’ so a hu-man is a serpent-man – a descendant of Cain. A person subsequently is NOT a hu-man being and a hu-man being is NOT a person. This is the reason Yashua Anointed was often called The Son of Man – a Son of Adam.

Furthermore, and that being the case, what was Eve actually saying when she stated she had: “Gotten a person from the Lord?” This KJV corrupted proof additionally raises one other query, how did Eve come to the conclusion that Cain was a present from The Lord. We all know that Adam and Eve’s sin in The Backyard was sexual in nature, as a result of they coated sexual areas with aprons to cover their disgrace. Which means Eve will need to have had a good suggestion of whose youngster she was carrying in her womb. That being the case, how did she come to the conclusion that it was a present from the Lord? How does that make any sense?

Moreover, how did the translators of the KJV assume they have been going to get away with this silly nonsense – the nonsense of Eve’s assertion that: “she had gotten a person from the Lord”? Was it a case that they thought she was utterly naïve, I do not assume so, as a result of all they needed to do was conceal the reality that Cain was actually a son of the Satan. Why did they wish to try this and what did they’ve to achieve from such devious behaviour? All might be revealed as this collection of articles develops!

Once more, if we proceed to just accept the story line as written within the KJV, we then need to ask ourselves if Cain and Abel have been twins, for it seems that Adam ‘is aware of’ Eve as soon as solely. So if Eve did have twins, may these twins have had completely different fathers – a phenomenon identified in medical phrases at present as superfetation? Nicely, it has been identified, and extra typically than we would at first assume. A bit Google search will quickly reveal and make sure to you this not so unusual anatomical phenomenon. Due to this fact, Cain and Abel may have been twins with the Satan as Cain’s father, and Adam as Abel’s father. The factor is, twins or not, it is the 2 seeds or seed strains that matter right here, nothing else, for that is the core of the matter. Now earlier than we transfer on to the opposite writings, let’s add one other Holy Scripture right here to assist us unravel this thriller:

1 John three:12 Not as Cain, who was of that depraved one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? As a result of his personal works have been evil, and his brother’s righteous. (Emphasis mine)

Discover on this verse of John’s letter we’ve got Cain who was “of that depraved one”. The phrase ‘of’ right here in Sturdy’s Concordance means ‘origin’, so Cain’s “origins” are of the Satan which, once more, factors to him being the Satan’s seed. I’ll return to this verse once more, partly three of this collection of articles, for there may be way more Reality to be gleaned from it.

Extra proof, too, is made plain via the family tree of Adam in Genesis 5. Discover, you’ll not discover Cain’s title talked about in that family tree, why is that? Nicely, fairly clearly, as a result of Cain was not Adam’s youngster. I’ll copy the proof right here:

Gen 5:three And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his personal likeness, after his picture; and known as his title Seth.

Now why did Moses write this verse like that? Why, to attract to our consideration the truth that Seth was made in Adam’s personal likeness, after his personal picture, and why make particular reference to that? What different picture may Eve have born in her womb, if it was not in Adam’s picture and in his likeness!!?? Nicely clearly, this verse is telling us with out truly saying it, that of the 2 sons Cain and Abel, Abel now deceased, solely one among them was in Adam’s picture and in his likeness – Abel. Elsewhere within the Holy Scriptures it tells us that Seth is a toddler born to Adam and Eve to take Abel’s place:

Gen four:25 And Adam knew his spouse once more; and she or he naked a son, and known as his title Seth: For God, stated she, hath appointed me one other seed as a substitute of Abel, whom Cain slew. (Emphasis mine)

So which means from Adam we’ve got Abel (murdered) after which Seth who begat Enos, who begat Cainan, who begat Mahalaleel, who begat Jared, who begat Enoch, who begat Methuselah, who begat Lamech and who begat Noah. So there we’ve got it, the Sethitic line from Adam to Noah.

Proper, I’ll now copy right here what it says in paperwork often called the Aramaic Targum(s). These of you not acquainted with these writings, the Aramaic Targums are historic Jewish writings relationship from across the time of the Jews captivity in Babylon, so this implies they date from round 550 BC. Normally these writings are blasphemous of their content material and I might not advocate them to Christian brothers and sisters in any respect. Having stated that we can’t conclude that all the pieces written therein is error for Reality could be present in essentially the most unlikely of locations e.g. the caves the place the Lifeless Sea Scrolls have been discovered. OK, so right here is the writing:

And Adam knew that his spouse Eve had conceived from Sammael the angel (of dying) and she or he grew to become pregnant and bore Cain. And he or she stated: “I’ve received a person from the angel of the LORD.”

Now right here we are able to plainly see this verse has a very completely different narrative altogether and tells us a really completely different story from the corrupted meaningless nonsense within the KJV. It additionally begins to make some sense. We all know that the Satan was at all times going to attempt to thwart The Lord’s plans for his pinnacle of creation – mankind. We’re, in any case, made in Their Picture and what higher method to thwart that plan than by actually polluting The Godhead’s creation by intercourse with His creation, Eve. Discover how Eve’s assertion has modified and the naïvety of her KJV assertion revealed for what it’s – the work of evil dissemblers through their agenda primarily based translations.

Returning as soon as extra to the KJV, discover, too, how Eve is named the “Mom of All Residing” however Adam isn’t often called the ‘father of all dwelling’:

Gen three:20 And Adam known as his spouse’s title Eve; as a result of she was the mom of all dwelling.

The phrase ‘was’ right here ought to extra precisely be translated ‘was to grow to be’ and naturally she did grow to be the mom of all dwelling, however Adam is nowhere often called the ‘father of all dwelling’. This, as soon as once more, tells us that Eve sired youngsters from one other supply apart from Adam, and, in fact, that supply was The Satan.

If we now return to Genesis four:1-2 we are able to then see that after Eve conceived Cain she then naked Abel, however it does not say how lengthy the interval between the 2 conceptions was, in order I stated earlier some commentators say Cain and Abel have been twins, others that Abel adopted swiftly 9 months later. Both method they have been of the same age and grew up collectively, one, Abel, being a keeper of sheep and the opposite, Cain, a tiller of the bottom.

The story then continues with Cain’s notorious depraved act of murdering his half-brother, however what was behind this act? All might be revealed partly three.

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