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    So, I used to use the whole "can't be racist to white people," (I was that asshole) until I actually looked where that came from and found out that it's misquoted all the time. "SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION due to racism is relevant to social systems of power, and therefore doesn't target white people," is the (summarized) original sociological theory that is being misquoted. That's not the same as active racism like these assholes, where someone actively decides to be racist. That can be against anyone of any race fo any reason. Also, white people can still be systematically oppressed due to other things by this theory, like sexuality, political stance, or like in this case, mental disability don't get me wrong. But the original sociological theory does not apply to people's actions, so anyone using that for situations like this is quoting the theory wrong and is kinda an asshole.

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    BLM might not support it but its still their faullt for not appointing a leader their narrative makes no sense and anyone can say whatever they want and thats their narrative for the day they are spreading racism thats all they do and have done their disgusting message at the start was He didnt do anything wrong.. Yet most of the people they were defending did actually do stuff wrong so just because they are black we are supposed to feel pitty for criminals dont give me that shit

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    Blacks have an average IQ of 85 and they are trying to live in a white society with an average IQ of 100. Let that sink in for a second and try and understand the ramifications of this simple statement.

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    I hope those 4 black "kids" are tied up in prison and have chunks of hair ripped off their head bare hand. I hope someone in prison tortures them by double fisting them, no warning, no lube. I wish pieces of shit like this would be burned alive. AHHHHH This fucking enrages me! & wtf is coming out of Symone's mouth??? This is the shit I'm talking about! Going against the very things you fight for all in the name of your team. I know I'm late to this, but I just had to share.

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    There is a reason institutionalized racism is called institutionalized racism, rather than racism. This attempt to alter the meanings of words to the only definition a given group wants it to mean is simply dangerous. Anyone who refuses to understand that racism exists in individuals, as well as groups, is almost certainly a racist.

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    i think they should have done to them what they did to him. just my opinion. maybe put a gun to their heads and pull the trigger afterwards to rid the world of their disgusting racist selves

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    Don't forget weapons use, weapons dangerous, and attack with a weapon causing bodily harm.
    A few years ago one of my freinds lost his 10 year old son in a road rage accident during the holidays in which an SUV driver intentionally veered his car into the family sedan and flipped it. The young boy died in the crash. Every one I know who learned of this tragedy wanted that SUV driver to die. I wonder if people feel the same way about this story.

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    I'm glad you're videos are always logical, factual and unbiased Phill. There is a reason your channel is so big. Keep up the good work, your show is fantastic.

    And to try to keep my comment on a more positive light, I'm so pumped for Mass Effect: Andromeda, time to check out that trailer.

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    A sad thing is that we as a nation were doing really well with healing our racist past before Obama became president.  I honestly didn't know anybody that was racist.  But now there are people who say they don't like blacks because of their violence.   Obama really did "fundamentally change the nation." from healing to bleeding.  Thank you, you sick, insecure, low self-esteem idiot savant.   So, so, so, so, so, soooooooo happy to see you go!!!  Don't steal the antiques!

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    I swear man i have so many African American friends and after seeing this shit they say these 4 individuals are a completely disgrace to the black race. To people like this your the reason for all the stereotypes against black people. Your the fucking reason the police on black conflict has been so bad. So like I said you people like this are a fucking disgrace to the human and black race.

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    I think they declared it hate crime as him being special needs instead of white to avoid the whole, ”blank people can't be racist” at trial. as long as they get the enhancement on their sentence, I don't care.

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    Why am I not surprised that this was a blue state?  Fuck the liberal mindset, which is: KILL WHITE COPS, BRING TERRORISTS TO THE US, TAKE ALL GUNS SO NOBODY CAN DEFEND THEMSELVES, and BE SMUG ABOUT IT.  This is what Obama created.  AMERICA HAS SPOKEN,  WE ARE DONE WITH YOU COWARDS.

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    As much as it pains me to say this (Sarcastically speaking) this was a hate crime. this crime was directed not only to trump but to the white community. and I think they reason that this story was not blown up (because we know if this was a white gang attacking a minority, this would have been exploded) was because the US is kind of on the rocks. I mean look how long it took riots to calm down after trump was elected. To me, I don't see skin or race. THIS ACT WAS WRONG! THE ACT OF KIDNAPPING (whether or not the person had disability) IS WRONG ADDITIONAL TO THE TORTURE THIS POOR MAN ENDURED. If I were the parent to this individual, I would take matters into my own hands.

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    I get the same response, every white you tuber is saying the same thing almost word for word about this event.

    Black on white crime, if they were white suspects, blah, blah , blah, and you can clearly hear the suspects using the "N" word on the victim.

    That is never mentioned by the white u tubers……hhhmmmmmmm.

    This country is going to go under, and we are seeing the begining of this country plunging into civil war.

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    If this happened to a black kid by a couple of Mississippians drinking beer we would hear about this for the rest of our lives, but since this happened to a white kid when every media on planet earth wants to say black people are getting victimized then they will say they are justified somehow.

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    I'd like to remind you folks that not all (or really any significant part) of black folks are like this. Personally, I would beat the shit out of these little assholes. You DON'T do that do anyone! Thanks.

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    the world is ruled by the stupid and we the smart one area forced to go along for the ride even if it takes us straight to the devil himself so many kids are dying in the last decade on purpose rather then on accident it is sad

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    Racism is racism no matter who is committing it. This bullshit about "You can't be racist toward white people" or "only white people are racist" is disgusting. Shit bags like Francesca Ramsey promote this narrative and it sickens me.


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