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    My brother, you just learned another truth —if you are dependent on your oppressor he
    will try to destroy you if you expose him. You are a strong brother, use your strength
    and provide for yourself and your family. It is not a option it is a necessity.

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    You deny me before man, I will deny you before my father is the words of Jesus. Whether you want to admit it or not you were being promoted through the blessings of God in the name of Jesus. Now you denounce Jesus what do you expect? Your blessings are being stripped. I will be in prayer for you.

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    God Bless You Blackman…
    Fear!!! of the Blackman..Telling TRUTH!!! ….This a
    is a…DISCRIMINATION!!! Lawsuit!!!..to the 100th!!! Power!!!…
    Brother You CANNOT be fired! for FREE Speech!ts YOUR RIGHT!!!!….

    please look into getting..you a Civil Rights! Attorney!..ASAP!!!…And SUE!!! the BRICKS!!! off! their!,RACIST Asses!!!!…
    Please Set Up a…GO FUND ME…account!!!..so we who want to help you reach your Dream! of your OWN!! BUSINESS can HELP…God Bless You Blackman….one door closed so another could OPEN!!!!
    Peace & Blessings from a Sista from..bed-sty Brooklyn N.Y.

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    bet you believe in him now lol he dont play dont lead ppl astray from God because your indoctrinated by Christianity and it has your brain spazzin out…. Its not the truth your an Israelite so get with the program…

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    Be careful for what you ask for. Your thoughts of the Bible being a lie is just as bad as calling God a liar. There's a price to pay when you turn on God, you'll soon see that God is and will always be the answer. I pray you'll repent and ask God for forgiveness and return to Gods kingdom. Also, some stuff need not to be said so the world can see it,it can destroy lives……..God Bless You

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    you didn't think that video would go viral? what type store do you work at that would punish you for your religion? is it a faith based store or something. if you don't want people in your business it's best to get off the video camera and just call your friends and privately discuss things like religion. then you could have educated from the pulpit

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    Hey guys I have a program that will.help.him and all of us.. I'm a real person you can call me about this.. and to the guy in the video I feel you about not working for someone else I didn't since 2007.. anyone who's interested hit me up.and let's do a zoom call.. let's chat face to face.. let's help eachother

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    if this is serious & not a joke. he needs jesus. every knee must bow & tongue must confess. keep fighting a battle without out him & you will continue to be defeated in everything in life.


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