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    This passive-aggressive Marxist cunt bag just loves absolving BLM of accountability. Instead of denouncing their violent and racist rhetoric(which only sets blacks back and makes racism against them grow), she tries to paint BLM in a light that doesn't reflect real events.

     "Me, a black person, I couldn'tve possibly done anything non-compliant, or threatening that got me shot! How dare you be so racist!?! I didn't do nothing! Racism! RaCCiiisssMMM!" – as if cops are just drive by shooting blacks over nothing nothing more than shits, giggles, and wanting to have their reputations smeared with accusations of racism. Puh-lease…

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    "Black on Black crime isn't a thing"

    Blacks committed over 52% of murders from 1980 to 2008. 93% of black murder victims were killed my other blacks. Far more whites are killed by police every year than blacks.

    Chanting "we want dead cops" is the end of legitimacy for your argument. This is a pathetic excuse of a "news" channel.
    Put more effort into making these bull shit ass video. It took 30 seconds of google research to disprove your entire video.

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    1:08 it's not just about that it's about the frequency that it happens 53% of murders are committed by blacks despite the fact that blacks make up 13% of the population proving while only 40% are caused by whites. Proving that black on black crime happens more than white on white crime.

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    – Black people make up 13% of the US population, but commit 52% of all homicides
    – 93% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks
    – Chicago's death toll from 2001 – 2015 is almost as high as that of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined
    "Black on black crimes don't exist" – says Franchesca Ramsey who lives in New York City with her WHITE, LAWYER husband.

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    how can someone this racist even be considered to be hired on any tv run network program. she needs ti realize what she is saying and that she is hating white people

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    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid deluded lunatic bitch. As a great man once said, "When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools." Humans, has our intelligence dropped to this low? I feel bad for our future generations. Hopefully, like the Luddites, history will efface racist drosses such as her. We can only hope. Who's with me?

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    Franchesca and Laci destroying mtv with their hate speech.. who's the idiot running mtv these days? Your company is going down fast. People aren't stupid, they recognize bigotry when they see it.

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    Black people are responsible for nearly 50% of crimes in the US, despite only taking up 13% of the total population. And yet, only 24% of the victims of police violence are black. You, girly, are a DISGUSTING LIAR!!!

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    This is all complete BULLSHIT.

    Black people commit way more crime according to DOJ statistics. Black on Black crine is cited due to volume ….

    let me explain. 90% of 10 is 9 right? 85% of 100 is 85 right?

    So by using percentages she is relying on fools to fall for her nonsense.

    "Hey, last week, of the 10 white people killed, 9 were killed by other white people, that's 90%! But only 85% of black people were killed by other black people!"

    "So how many black on black murders were there?"

    "never mind that part, 85% is less than 90%"


    Also this "institutional racism" she is referring too, that alleges black people live in poorer areas because of historical injustices and institutional racism has been thoroughly debunked. Black families income and prospects were actually increasing momentously post war, social and welfare programs messed everything up – it wasn't institutional racism! lol. it was the opposite. liberal hand outs.

    I can't get through this video in one sitting. it's all BS. ALL of it.

    Patronizing victim culture CRAP.

    seriously, it's nonsense. utter crap. BLM is a terrible movement.

    According to the most in depth study on Police shootings by Roland Fryer, white people are the number one victims of police shootings, in relation to crime committed! So don't come St me with "there's more white people"

    This whole video is false. It's all made up. It genuinely is a fake narrative. Disgraceful.

    Utterly disgraceful. patronizing. And somewhat racist. Despicable.

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    This video is a disgrace. literally everything in it is a lie.

    Cops are tried like everyone else.

    Black on black crime is a thing, don't confuse % with volume, like this buffoon does.

    Black people are killed disproportionately to white people, that's true, BECAUSE they commit WAY more violent crime per capita! How dumb can this woman be.

    this whole video, every single point is not only moronic, it's also false. like the whole video is a lie. Every single part. . . but what's amazing is, it's not only false, there's a basic lack of common sense. like she doesn't understand the most basic things.

    This is honestly, and this isn't hyperbole, one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

    The fact that she delivers it in such a patronizing way too is so cringy. Imagine a child trying to explain your profession to you, that's what it's like. Imagine you're a geologist, and a child read a 5 page book about rocks, misunderstood parts, and then insulted your intelligence by telling you you didn't know anything, then proceeded to "inform" you – that's what this video feels like! It's insane.

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    "hey social justice warriors! Ever find yourself confused and laking anything intelligent to say when confronted with facts and common sense, and resort to blowing whistles and banging pans? We have you covered! (commence propaganda video)"

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    I don't really see how the video is racist and if your just here to hate then you don't you try and go do something imortant with your life instead of calling these videos racist it's sad what people will do with there lives


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