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    I believe people don't have the right to kill ANYONE. I think there's enough justice to lock this kind of people away for the rest of their life. The problem is though, that the prisons in western countries are not rough enough to punish these people properly.

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    Oh god…listen to the joy in their voices…like they have these gruesome pictures and it's making them soooo wet…..
    Fucking parasites…they love it when the blood is everywhere…
    Oh…..his throat was slashed from EAR to EAR…….drip drip….

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    And then not just all that but she had the nerve to go to his funeral? Send his grandmother roses? And drag his name through the mud by saying he was a pedophile!? Shes the devil incarnate! You know if i had one thing that reminds me of jodi- Is that shit head snake on Jesus's tree that entice Mary and Joseph to eat the forbidden fruit. Sneaky, slimmy, jelous, conniving little b**ch. God doesnt want her and hells scared she'll take over so shes stuck here on earth-hopefully the devils retiring so that she can take over, that could be the perfect job for her. You guys really dont want to hear what i really think about her-to many swear words… =~[ =·< =`~{ ♥♡♥♡♥ R.I.P Travis. ♥♡♥♡♥
    O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) 

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    I am sorry but my ex looks exactly like Travis,his relatives even live in Arizona,I live in Canada.So anyhow she is now in a prison but does not have the key to get out.If she would have taken the high road she would have had the key to let herself out.Now she went to a place where she has no key!!!!! I do feel for her!!!! Prison be it mental or reality you choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    JA is pure evil, why is the question ? Nature or nurture ? I tend to think the latter, had no relationship with her mother, who obviously rejected Jodie at a young age, most likely during a very critical time in her development. So JA never learned to trust anyone, and would cling to any man who would give her an hour of his time. What speaks volumes is the fact that her so called Mother, is now on the web trying to "raise" money , hypothetically for Jodie's appeal but we know that is never going to happen. JA came from one screwed up family , the mother is a sociopath and narcissist, trying to capitalize on the media frenzy and get in on the money game. As for Travis Alexander, I believe he was a good guy who made a bad judgement, or two. He didn't deserve to die, and especially in the manner in which JA killed him. I hope the Alexander family will find peace & hold dear to his memory. RIP Travis Alexander.

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    This fucking demon. Imagine what she looked like as she was killing him. She must have shape shifted. Travis witnessed a side of her that none of us could ever imagine her even resembling.

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    American newscasters are sooo over dramatic almost to the point of sensationalizing a self-centred cold hearted killer at the expense of the innocent victim and his family. I guess that is what you get when you watch mainstream bullshit. She murdered another human being, throw her in jail, or give her the death sentence, either way she is irrelevant to society now.

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    People think Jodie a small woman over powered him, shot him, drug his body which was dead weight after being shot? She must of had help! Dead weight is very, very heavy whether unconscious or deceased. She had help and why would Travis "punk out" and not fight for his life. He did not look drugged, or afraid…some thing is missing!!


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