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    DisruptJ20 protesters dismissed as a joke an undercover Project Veritas video showing activists supposedly planning to shut down Thursday night’s DeploraBall by setting off smoke bombs or the sprinkler system — but D.C. police weren’t buying it.
    The 34-year-old man arrested Thursday night for conspiracy to commit assault at the event was among the activists featured in the undercover video released this week, according to court documents made public on Friday.
    Scott Ryan Charney was one of the three men caught on camera discussing plans to set off fire alarms and spray Butyric acid — an ingredient commonly used in stink bombs — at the National Press Club, where the party for Donald Trump supporters was held Thursday night. In the Project Veritas video, Mr. Charney is identified as Scott Green, the documents state.

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    FYI: the one guy, creepy AF, w/his moppy hair, looking like a possessed Captain Caveman…has a file of being a PEDOPHILE! Tried to give youth of America tips on how to run away (to come stay with HIM), & how to cut & dye your hair to avoid recognition. Definitely a Killary backer, & probably also part of the pizzag@te pedo ring & passing around children. I'm GLAD his sick ass is in jail.

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    If this is real, this is a terror plot no different from those in the middle east that target innocent men, women and children. That is terrorism, PERIOD! These gleep glorps and basement dorks are getting out of control. They need a reconing with law enforcement.

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    isn't that the same pizza place that has abstract paintings depicting group child-rape
    and the owner posting pictures of tied up children and empty rooms titled "killroom"?

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    The guy with the curly hair is ecstatic! This is sick..way sick.I am very concerned that the children might be just killed if these creeps get caught. Again, please please, all Prayer Warriors and all Christians, pray daily as often as possible, for the innocents that may be suffering.They are innocent, they are at extreme risk! Mr.O'Keefe, if all of this was on this video, why are these people not being arrested? The inauguration is over, why are they not in jail?

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    Leftists have really been exposed for what they are: a mob who is quite willing to hurt people to get its own way and quite willing to hurt people when it doesn't get its own way. If their candidate had won the election, it would have been mob rule plain and simple. They are the useful idiots of their leaders and they are dangerous.

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    This is uncovered Domestic Terrorism and Insurrection on a legal Federal Government ceremony. These Democrat Terrorists need to be arrested and jailed for their crimes against the American People.


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