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    The CBC is only reporting on this because they have no choice. They are still doing their best to downplay this. On their website, they claim the man was targeted because he was disabled, not because he was white, right in the subtitle of the article. Even when reporting on real news, the CBC just can't help but be #FAKENEWS´╗┐

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    Hello I'm a white Canadian living in the United kingdom, There have been ideas and discussions for white only communities to rise up around the world exactly because of this kind of behaviour by black people. Whites living side by side with their own kind in piece and harmony , Blacks and whites are 2 different breeds of people , keeping them apart does bring a sense of calm. I personally live in a area in the United kingdom where there are only white residents and life is wonderful no worries. Thank you CBC Canada.´╗┐

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    These hood rats don't have anything better to do….go read a book, go play sports, learn something instead of contributing to all this negative bullshit going on in the black community.´╗┐

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    CBC is responsible for crimes like this because of their continual demonizing of white people and honoring of black thugs and Black Lives Matter. But I will show you how fair I am. Because this report is honest, I will actually give the CBC a thumbs up on this.´╗┐

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    I'm just asking a question do these people ever just sit back before they do something like this and go hey that's wrong I can't do that cuz I'm going to go to jail of course not because when I go to jail it's a family reunion´╗┐

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    I don't watch the cbc anymore (except for hockey) because of too much bias and not enough reporting on information that needs to be done.┬á┬á For example: every other source on youtube says that they might be calling it a HATE CRIME Because the victim was disabled, NOT because he was white.┬á┬á No mention here of course.´╗┐


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