How one can Deal With Head Lice – Cheaply, Successfully, Safely

It's lately been reported that 80% of head lice are proof against the costly remedy shampoos and different merchandise present in pharmacies and chemists. And those self same merchandise include some fairly nasty chemical substances, primarily pesticides. When you think about that they're not terribly efficient and that repeat remedy is probably going, you must surprise concerning the well being results on kids.

It staggers me to suppose that 30 million kilos is spent yearly within the UK on these merchandise which can be solely 20% efficient! Particularly when there are cheaper, safer, and simpler alternate options obtainable.

My Most well-liked Strategy

Prevention is less complicated than treatment, so don’t watch for an infestation to take maintain, comb them out earlier than they’ve likelihood to breed; begin the behavior NOW of combing day by day with a head lice comb made with lengthy stainless-steelteeth. I discover the simplest system is to hold the comb contained in the bathe, or close to the tub, and ensure it's used each time they wash (each second-day not less than). And don’t forget your self both!

Important oils, significantly Tea Tree Oil, can deter head lice by complicated their sense of odor (makes them suppose you're a tree!). Now in my analysis I got here throughout the outcomes of a latest and fascinating research about Benzyl Alcohol and the way it may be safely used to suffocate head lice must you succumb to an infestation. Curiously, benzyl alcohol is current in sure Important oils; Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang amongst others. However do take care – important oils, though 'pure' are concentrates that may be poisonous if swallowed and a few can penetrate the pores and skin.

What do you do if you have already got an infestation?

It's essential to maintain issues in perspective: head lice are undoubtedly annoying and ugly, however they're not a critical well being menace since they don’t transmit illness. It's additionally good to know that they cannot fly or soar and subsequently can solely unfold from one head to a different by shut contact. Neither can they survive away from the human head for extra that a couple of hours. Excellent news! Which means thorough home cleansing is pointless, though washing of bed-linen and hats might be a good suggestion.

Completely coating the hair with abnormal hair conditioner adopted by combing, is a well-known, dependable and secure remedy, however it must be carried out usually and completely, by cautious sectioning, – a number of instances a day initially if the infestation is heavy, ensuring that the lice comb reaches the scalp (therefore the long-tooth comb advice above).

Making Elimination Simpler

Making use of vinegar to the hair is alleged to melt the glue that holds the eggs to the shaft; use Apple Cider Vinegar and completely soak the hair with it, then depart it to dry in a single day. Rinse the hair subsequent morning and, most significantly, comb completely to take away the nits. It's stated that cider vinegar is an efficient hair conditioner (small compensation for having needed to sleep with all of it night time!).

Keep in mind

  • Benzyl Alcohol (5%) is greater than 90% efficient in treating head lice by suffocation. Go to my weblog (hyperlink beneath) for extra on that.
  • Shampoos and different related remedies cannot kill 100% of the nits (eggs) and they’re changing into more and more proof against the chemical substances in them
  • Peculiar white hair conditioner coats the eggs, chopping off their air provide and stopping them from shifting about briefly (though it doesn’t seem to kill them). It additionally makes combing simpler due to its slippery high quality and its white color makes recognizing them simpler. Use loads of it and get proper right down to the scalp the place they dwell. Just a few drops of Jasmine Oil, given the data above, may make the process simpler and somewhat extra nice!
  • Elimination, by combing, is the best answer (research present that combing the moist hair is four instances simpler that utilizing remedy merchandise!)
  • Prevention, quite than treatment, will, I imagine, prevent hours and !

Right here's hoping this results in some lovely, shiny, lice-free heads of hair!

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