Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Is In Essential Situation

Jamie Lynn Spears  Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Is In Essential Situation jamie lynn spears daughter


Jamie Lynn Spears‘ daughter is in important situation after flipping in an ATV. I want this was pretend information.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Eight-year-old daughter, Maddie, was badly harm in an ATV accident Sunday, and we’re informed her situation is extraordinarily critical. A number of sources in Kentwood, Louisiana inform TMZ, Maddie was on a Polaris off-road car when it flipped over. We’re informed she was beneath water for a number of minutes and unconscious. Our sources say she was airlifted to a close-by hospital. We’re informed Jamie Lynn was not along with her daughter when the accident occurred. And, we’re informed, Maddie was concerned in a looking expedition on the time of the accident.

Christ. Okay, so I used to be born and raised within the South and have lived right here principally my complete life. ATV’s are fucking dying traps. And redneck love them. You’ll see youngsters who can’t even tie their very own footwear driving one by way of a area with no grownup in sight. I don’t get it. Not gonna sit right here and shit on any person’s parenting abilities. Let’s transfer on to tales about not flipping on an ATV then being discovered underwater.

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