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    one alumnus of our college asked this question to a senior for a scholarship interview. and she answered she would kill the 5 people because it was their fault for working in that track despite knowing that train may arrive at that time. while the 1 worker was working on the side track as he knew train will not come on that track. so killing an innocent person for the fault of of other people will be wrong. she was given an appreciation prize for that answer.

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    My answer for the first trolley story is based on probability and physics. If the car is going straight at 60,the act of turning the car from a straight path would slow it down. That change in speed might be beneficial. In addition, the probability that I would kill the one guy is lower than the five. The point is I will never willingly make the decision to kill any individual who isn't a danger to me,or others.

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    what are these students saying as questions? the genocide comment? the 9/11 comment? the retard that thought he was being slick by waiting until one person dies of the 5 to save the others? The only question u should ask for the fat man situation is IS ANYONE GOING TO SEE ME PUSHING THE FAT MAN? Thats the only difference between the two situations. whether u are seen as complicit or not. fking cunts are so inadequate for "harvard"

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    Trolley Problem:-

    I can't make a value judgement about those 6 individuals lives because,
    1) I know nothing about their personal lives, records and moral principles
    2) I'm not in a position that allows me to judge other people's worth as a human myself
    so I wouldn't interfere and let it happen. Even if condition one was met and I knew all about them, condition 2 hurdles me from interfering. I know this is outside the point, but if the one person's intelligence (luck or coincidence, I don't care) allowed him to choose working on the dead track, who am I to value the 5 people's lives over his/her for an uneducated decision (working on live tracks) they made?

    This is my unthoughtful answer.

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    Humans are already accustomed to killing other life forms to satisfy their own needs, if we already kill animals without consent and justify it upon the need to nourish ourselves, then what makes it different when the life being taken is one of our own kind rather than a different animal?


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