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    no i think, that when he hit the ground he started bleeding form the stairs. Another way he could have started bleeding was from the knife flying out of his hands and hitting his arm.

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    I think the cut is due to the bone breaking out of the flesh. It looks like it severed some arteries on the arm as well. Nasty injury just for some tire slashing!

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    His arm snapped like a twig during the impact from the explosion and his arm smashing against the steps. that looks like the primary cause for the bleeding, but the footage isn't clear, so the knife very well may have shot up into him somewhere, though it's very unlikely.

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    In the older European cities it's not a bad idea actually. There usually it a lot of traffic so you wont get far quickly with a car. Then it's also easy to find small streets you wont be able to go through with a car and it's easy to blend in.

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    #1 Never cut a truck tire. You got to be a fuckin dumbass inbred to even thing that its not goin to blow up or blow back with that amount of weight and pressure on that tire.

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    he was brave but if someone had a gun and he actually was there to shoot if things didnt go their way what would have happened? he would be stupid and not brave thank god that this wasnt the case anyway that stuff should be done by police and not civilians thats why they are there in the first place anyway

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    You've got five guys robbing a watch store and two 49cc mopeds for the getaway.  Maybe if they planned this better they would have been able to pull it off.  Then again, these grown ass men didn't anticipate The highly dangerous combat granny armed with a deadly handbag.   

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    that grandma isn't brave. she's dumb. the only reason why she thought she could do that is precisely because she thought they wouldn't attack back because of her age. Some criminals wouldn't have hesitated to send her to the next life.


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