Landlord planning on Legal Action for lack of drainage on Sandon Street, Stafford ST16

A Landlord has notified Stafford press of his intent on searching for legal action against Stafford Council for lack of drains on which has left quite a few households homeless in August 2020.

The owner from London has proof to indicate how a  couple of days of rain can result in flooding which triggered Hundreds of  Thousands £ value of damage to the properties on Sandon Rd.

The neighbourhood has suffered years of distress however a Landlord will be searching for an injunction to drive the council to arrange ample drainage on Sandon Rd and search recompense for the damage done to his building, furnishings and carpets.

We have now seen response by the Council to the Landlord effectively blaming him for the harm to the property and to restore the property from his personal pocket.

The landlord has explained that Home insurance can take a couple of months to be approved and patience is key in restoring the property so that the Tenants can return.

The Landlord has been dealing with a Housing Officer  Keven Hewitt who has sought to harass the owner with threatening improvement and prohibition orders after his devastating experience of the flood 2 weeks in the past.

Keven Hewitt from Stafford Housing has also demanded the Landlord  house a whole family due to the flood even though the Tenancy Agreement was arranged with 1 Male Tenant in the flat that was flooded.

Keven Hewitt attended the landlords property claiming it was unfit for human habitation  after the flooding attributable to the Council’s incompetence in coping with drains. 

More To Follow in Next weeks Edition.

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