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    About 20 of the 50 following the stupid sagging trend, hey people that originated as a sign you were someone's prison bitch. Sagging doesn't and never has made you look cool, it just makes you look ignorant. Even more ignorant if you wear a belt and still sag.
    About 20 of the 50 are probably drunk or high whores, because nobody with self respect would go out in public like that. Anyone with good morals and self respect would dress properly out of there own home. You want to look like a stripper or prostitute, do it in your home.
    50 of 50 should be fixed, like a dog. Stupid people are a plague, get them fixed and they can't reproduce to make more stupid people.

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    Man! 43 & 41 are just asking to get fucked. I would've loved to be at Walmart when 41 was there, and make her my fuck buddy, but I'll wrap my shit up twice. No way am I making a hoe my baby mama.


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