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    Very shame jaldi is ka upai nikalkar permanent problem solve kare chun chun k corrupted officer ko nikale agar cbi black money international criminal pakad sakte hai to e to bahut easy activity hai

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    Bilkul sach hai yeh . Yeh corruption lndian Army me nahi balki CRPF, BSF aur ITBP me hai. Doctors ki bharti ke time bhi interview se pehle X-Ray private hospital ( Batra Hospital, Sangam Vihar, Hamdard Nagar , Delhi ) se karwaaye hain.

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    What is Army doing? Put this fellow immediately behind bars and strip him of all retiral benefits. This guy should be tried in military court for shaming the great Indian army. there is a mess committee, company commander, commanding officer, ADG or DG. this seems to be a conspiracy and this fellow should be awarded strictest punishment permissible under military manual.

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    हरेक को एंटी नेशनल और भारत विरोधी तमगे बांटने वाले चड्डी छाप अंधभक्त चुतिया राष्ट्रवादी कुत्ते कहां मर गए. सेना में जो जवानों के साथ हो रहा है उस पर क्या एक्शन लेंगे यह चड्डी धारी कुत्ते.

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    I believe the allegations made by the soldier to be true. However nothing will become of this. Whistle blowers will be terminated. And soldiers have been barred from posting anything on social media in future. Nothing is going to change.

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    I want all of the Indian Soldiers to keep posting your pain in YouTube through such videos, We all want to see what the government does earlier for you & now what it is going to do for you , will they stay on their promises ? we want to see the end result hence keep posting such videos without any fear, Even ignore that Letter Box initiative, Its a Fake, No doubt in that,  It may be any government but their first job is to take good care of two most important people first namely : – " Jai Jawan – Jai Kisaan " .

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    Rofl Critic ‏@RoflCritic 9m9 minutes ago
    छोटा सेठ:
    "बैंक से लोन लो,
    साहेब को कमीशन दो,
    लोन माफ़ करवा लो"
    मोटा सेठ:
    "साहेब को सेल्समैन बना लो,
    या अपनी जेब में बिठा लो" pic.twitter.com/LzO9eHUnsK

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    Kahan hai madarchod Nana Patekar. sala Mehta hai ki Tej Bahadur galath hai.aise madarchod have Ko border pe bhejna chaiye.but salute to u sir u brought this in the open let the real Indians know how our jawans are suffering


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