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    Indians supporting this man and seeking accountability and Home minister orders investigation and its an example of Indians showing zero tolerance towards corruption. While Pakistan keeps ranting over media pointlessly

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    these guys arw trying to paint our gov by their parrot talking, only fools well fell on their trap which they are did that bsf javan said gov doesn't supply any goods no not at all he just accused corruption in his higher authorities and we(indian media) is not afraid of indian army like these chicken heds afraid to point out their faults in their army and i am sure we will make our institutions better buy seeing in to our faults and they will always have to live their life as parrots

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    we do not push them out of the border to fight, and yes it is true that the soldiers are not getting proper nutrition, but why does it have any buissness with you, why do you have to open ur mouth and blabber, why do you ignore the terrorism ur army allows the jihadi's to do, heck we indians arent even concerned about the matter, then why are you so into it. Ur daily citizen does not get to eat, do we telecast it on TV, cause we know its a daily thing for a pakistani to sleep empty stomach but its not a daily thing for an indians, thats why we telecast and ask the government for the reasons, unlike urs which just sits silently after peshawar attacks and just remorses with the public rather than taking vengence, but how can they…. after all the jihadis will kill the government officials and the country will again become a mess, with dictatorship. Its like those people who dont have anything to do, but like to eavsdrop everything of their neighbours and dont let them stay peacefully.
    U guys are born to just interfere and not mind its own buisness


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