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    I was just thinking a very morbid thought, but when you die, its gonna suck. I know this sounds like it is coming out of nowhere, but with all the death happening all around us, I find myself thinking about the influential people in my life and how without their daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly strength they give to me, I wonder where I would be. I'm not into media for how it portrays people and how they twist and prod and scheme for the next big thing and you don't do that. Mr. DeFranco, you really are an amazing human being and your daily inspiration gives me hope for a better generation of people. Seeing all the comments below from your words sparking and igniting hope, question, commentary, and more makes me happy to be alive. Thank you so much. I love you and please, keep making videos. You're my inspiration.

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    I am against religion, but that doesn't mean I believe anybody of any religion should be killed for their beliefs.  I can't stand that the media makes a big deal out of things that don't really deserve media attention, but completely ignore things like the attacks on Muslims that are becoming more frequent.  You would think that with everything going on with the "Black Lives Matter" activism, people would start to realize that ALL LIVES MATTER.  The media is horribly biased in the sense that they just don't care about a lot of groups of people.  Hate crimes are a terrible thing and it's devastating to see the numbers rise.

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    It is horrible what that Man did to those 3 people.  But that doesn't make him a terrorist.  The Definition of terrorism is "the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims."  This was not politically motivated.  In the case of the je suis charlie shooting, the shooters were quoted in shouting slurs against Western civilization, and were linked with terrorist organizations making by definition, a terrorist attack.  In no way am I defending what this man did, but for people to get mad about this not being labeled terrorism, is just ludicrous.

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    White man walks into a wall street office and shoots 20 people dead, news headline reads "Wall Street office shooting". Muslim man walked into  wall street office and shoots 20 people dead, news headline reads "Terrorist attack on Wall Street". A real life example is the Sandy Hook incident, a man shot 20+ children dead its called a school shooting, a muslim does that its called a terrorist attack because the media generalizes and thinks that all muslims think education is wrong, which is a false accusation of 1.3 billion people.

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    Theres a reason we labelled the charlie attacks as terrorism, and it's not because they were muslim, it because they screamed "death to the non-believers" at the top of their lungs while shooting people

    Usually a dead give away

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    I disagree that the obesity rule 'attacks the poor.' A meal from burger king is like £3.50. A large packet of rice is 40p from tesco and you'd only need half for a meal, so that's 20p for the rice. You can get a packet of vegetables for £1 and you'd only need half of that too because those packets are quite big, which is 50p. Overall your meal costs 70p. You could have 5 of those instead of one unhealthy burger king meal

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    Hey Phil. This is a complete side note but I just thought I'd let you know that you actually believe in a lot of Christian principles, even though you're not a Christian. You may not realize it but God is still using you. Anyways, you're awesome Phil! 

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    why don't you talk about the jihadist that recently killed a cartoonist and injured 3 cops in Denmarks Capitol Copenhagen last week?… there was like 40.000 people out with torches lol… but whats even scarier is that once the police found and shot the jihadist and he was buried – 600(!) muslims who acted very hostile towards the press showed up to his funeral to sympathize with him… so don't tell me this is a case of "just 1 looney".

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    The guy is a piece of shit, he is the towns george zimmerman. Hicks is nothing more than a coward and bully, and he feels cause the country and states gives him the right to carry a weapon around he can use it to bully people. Parking spaces ? Okay I understand if you are signed a parking spot but to tell others that they can't park in a certain guessed parking sport !!! fuck you, who made you king of the parking spots, don't like it move. 

    By the way its almost been 3 weeks, the story has basically went cold after 2 days. Unreal by heart goes out to the families, I wish I could have had the privilege of meeting them.

    Also props to you DeFranco for not showing  that scumbags face.

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    Yes, We should remember the 3 victims who were killed as human beings, but this is an issue Philip. You want the News to give equal information no matter who is right or wrong. The news's job is to spread information. But they are choosing what to put. In this instance, a muslim killer would bring in ratings, so they will go intensively on it. If you are going to talk about Muslims killing, you also need to talk about non Muslims killing Muslims. Its about fairness and equal coverage. The media is creating problems in America and they have word choices that can fuel and incite hate from those who watch the news. Think about it. I was purposely watching CNN and our local news to see if they will cover this story. They did not. I found out through facebook.  So many Muslim killings are not being covered in the news, when any chance, a Muslim is brought to the forefront real quick.   

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    I'm a friend of the family affected and one thing that we should take out of this is how shattered this beautiful family has become. One of my best friends still lives with depression because of his cousin being killed. I mean the man and woman had been married for six weeks. And his family has overcame this, the families of his and the shooter has come together to create bonds to help move past this issue and we should all take the step in the right direction of forgiveness and progress


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