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    no one has the right of one culture to judge what is right and what is wrong of the other culture. Right and Wrong is relative things. One kind of practice in one culture might be right where as the same act in other culture might be wrong and punishable. One must respect all culture and do not force their culture over others.

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    I swear too many people are getting pissy over the presenter's tone and "gold bikini" comment, being from Scotland I just took it as a bit of banter. Y'all need to learn British humour

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    this is bad the men there sexual addiction they abusing this women in the name of gods that is sick off cause some women they doing it by their choice because of lack of money I hope whoever came with this tradition burn in hell!

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    "load of fat hindu gods with blue skin and gold bikkinis" wtf this bitch cheeses me gtfo its one thing judging the devadasi's but its another using a condescending tone towards someones religion more specifically their gods


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