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    They made huge deference in Risk allowances earlier it was equal like Submarine & diving allowance..grievances which is being highlighted is jst 10% of Total grievances…Time has come to change now…..Call letter of a jawan comes at 80% pcm 10+2 but Officers still 55% pcm 10+2 ???? Wat d hell s dis. ???? Maine awaj utai thi 2011 m. Mere upper 18 charges lga diye. they….too much torture in fouz

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    are you trying to convince him that he is criminal . please try to help that soldier he is begging for good food nothing else you are getting almost 13 ℅ of our salary and you are doing nothing with that only corruption plz delivery good food

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    Guys regardless of where this soldier is from, he is still a SOLDIER. At the end of the day he is still brave enough to stand out there in cold to defend his country. I am Pakistani, aur may yahi kahonga kay Chahye yeh bandaa kahein ka bhi ho, kisi sipahi ka mazak nahi urana chahiye……woh sarhad par khara apnay mulk ki hifazat kar raha hay…..iska mazak urana sahi nahi hoga…..

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    //he is actually a muslim porkistani terrorist in disguise of an bsf jawan..tera porkistani maa ki gaar maar doonga..tera muslim maa ki gaar maar doonga.. we shall kill this jawan and then we shall gang rape his sister, daughter, wife and mother.. jai hind//


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