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    Kieth is krunk af so he better sling that chedda so he can pack the glock so when the pigs come he can ice em and buy some sugar cubes so that he can light the good shit in his hiz-ouse.

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    Few things are as bad as trying to be cool.

    Men and women today refuse to grow up. Nobody dresses like adults.

    Grown ass people all get their style cues and slang words from teens on social media.

    That's what created this video. Phony insecure people afraid to be who they are and afraid to be seen as anything other than 18-26.

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    Whether or not Zelda Scott's poor attempt at slang were actually legit written in the script they used that she had to read off of, or ad libbed will still remain a mystery even to this day.

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    ryan's crunk tonight and slinging the bling bling. make sure a 10-0 doesn't come whoppin bars because he's sure to be dropping caps in all of your asses, yes that's right, i am talking about murder, not video games anymore. ryan you are the legitimate street thug, nice tech nine on that little bjil bling bling. once that "whoop whoop" starts rolling around, a little "w h o o p w h o o p", drop a little of that "poom" , that click click, get iced out belonged out blasted down smoke a little of that kron kron slip john kron john silver know what i'm saying put the drugs on the, put the ice on the table get a little of that scooby doo and you'll be all set for the night. i'm zelda, reporting in from "fuck me in the ass i'm white as hell but so in touch with kids culture studios", see ya next time. never, cause gamecrazy went the fuck out of business, and i mean, i can't understand why.


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