Russian Superstitions

Russians are very superstitious folks. They are going to deny this, however it’s true. These superstitions have an effect on my life each day. More often than not they’re innocent and I associate with them to humor my spouse. Generally I tease her about them.

New superstitions pop up on a regular basis, as new conditions come up in our life. I preserve telling her that I would like a rulebook for them. Maybe sometime I’ll codify them in a e-book.

Russians are raised with these superstitions in order that they don’t have any must seek the advice of a handbook.

Listed here are a few of them. It’s under no circumstances an exhaustive listing:

1) You may’t whistle in the home or automotive, as they imagine that you’re whistling away your cash.

At a cocktail party at our home, a good friend of mine began whistling. My spouse silenced him instantly. She defined to him, “You may whistle in your individual home, however you possibly can’t whistle in mine. In my home, it is my cash you might be whistling away.”

When she first got here to America, she would see folks standing at intersections holding indicators. She requested me what they had been doing. I instructed her they had been asking for cash. She requested me why. I instructed her that they’d achieved fully an excessive amount of whistling of their home for their very own good.

2) Should you step in your partner’s shoe accidentally, you need to let the opposite individual step in your shoe, or you should have an argument.

I by no means examined this superstition. It appeared simpler to associate with the treatment than pay the value for violating it.

three) Should you depart your own home, you can not return inside for one thing you have got forgotten, or your journey will lead to ‘nothing good,’ as my spouse says.

four) Should you should return in to get the forgotten merchandise, you possibly can attempt to mitigate the dangerous results of returning by wanting into the mirror at your individual reflection for a second earlier than you allow once more.

5) By no means exhibit one other’s surgical procedure or wound by yourself physique along with your hand or different means as you might be more likely to go to that upon your self.

Within the few instances I’ve achieved this, my spouse has tried to treatment this by wiping away the spot the place I made the imaginary incision together with her hand, blowing on her hand to blow it away to the wind, and protecting it with the signal of the cross.

6) By no means give a Russian girl an excellent variety of flowers. Even numbers are for the useless. At all times give odd numbers. While you order a dozen, or two dozen roses, for her, ask them to throw in an additional one for good luck.

7) By no means give yellow flowers to a Russian girl. It signifies infidelity and should imply that your relationship won’t final.

eight) By no means give a watch as a present to a Russian girl. Time is operating out in your relationship.

9) By no means give knives or handkerchiefs as presents. I do not know the explanation for this one.

10) By no means rejoice a birthday early. You’re pushing your luck.

11) Do not present your new child child to strangers till after forty days. They’re ready for his or her soul to reach they usually might tackle one other’s soul or power throughout that point.

12) It is best to chop your hair or nails throughout a full moon.

13) It is thought-about dangerous luck to shave or lower your hair when a member of the family is in peril or dangerous well being.

14) At any time when somebody praises you or affords a optimistic remark, you knock on wooden or imaginarily spit 3 times over your left shoulder so that you’re not jinxed by the remark.

15) Don’t shake fingers or kiss over the edge of a door. It kinds a bridge that enables the satan or evil spirits from the skin to enter the home this manner. When I’ve achieved this by mistake, my spouse normally pushes me again exterior or pulls me inside earlier than greeting me with a kiss on the entrance door.

16) Earlier than anybody takes an extended journey, the entire household sits collectively silently for a couple of minutes earlier than the traveler leaves.

17) The actually superstitious have been identified to eat ‘fortunate’ bus tickets, when the sum of the left three numbers equals the sum of the three numbers on the fitting.

18) Not too long ago, whereas making ready to present my toddler daughter a shower, the little tyke peed on me whereas I used to be taking her garments off. My spouse laughed and mentioned that it was excellent news. It meant that I’d reside to bounce at my daughter’s wedding ceremony!

This listing is just not exhaustive by any means. Superstitions differ by nation and locale. There’s a fashionable Russian tv present that travels across the nation exploring the distinctive superstitions of every specific city or village.

Lots of the superstitions got here from folks tales or fairy tales, Russian Orthodox custom, or had peasant or agricultural roots. Most Russians are just one or two generations from the farm or village.

At any charge, pay attention to the superstitions and attempt to present some respect for them whether or not or not you imagine in them. Your Russian associates will recognize it.

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