Russian Untouchables. Episode four: The Magnitsky Information. Organized Crime Contained in the Russian Authorities.


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    Yet another "Canadian" supporting putin's killer clan.
    YOU are comparing a journalist Anna Politikovskaya with Bin Laden, and I AM the one who is "a propaganda agent"???
    en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Anna_Politkovskaya
    The scale of fsb agents DISHONOR is gigantic.

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    By making such a disgusting comparison you admit this woman was murdered by the RUSSIAN CLEPTOCRACY!! Thereby "..Putin never authorized killings" falls into the water.
    Quite enough for me.
    As far as i'm concerned, you said it ALL.
    Now excuse me, i have to puke, as this amount of vileness is too much for my stomach.

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    Why do you think i can understand russian??
    My name is not "Jim" nor am i a "Canadian", so i can't speak or understand russian….
    However i can see that an interview to RT you consider a "response"..
    There is no any doubt that RT "journalist" posed right questions to Mr "president".

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    Since your "response' to the fact that Magnitsky referred on his own to the "court" to REPORT a theft of 230M$ from the RUSSIAN STATE, and because of that arrested as a "criminal" and murdered in prison, are actually a couple of unrelated videos in russian, and "president's" "response" on the RT(!), i understand that you have nothing to say about the subject.
    Fsb agent, you are a traitor of your own people. You support killers and thieves for money. You are a bottom of the bottom.

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    First, croatian is NOT close to russian. Your instructors couldn't teach you everything.
    Second, after being exposed as an fsb exponent, you're suspecting me to
    "pretend" to be croatian. On what basis?? For i don't understand russian?? Pathetic.
    You use every single opportunity to at least for a moment change the subject and blur up things.

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    So Browder again. What weight an fsb agent's accusations have, after all
    nonsensical rants?? Zero weight.
    I'm not interested in "Browder" nor it is anyhow significant for the matter, AS
    Moreover, your phantasmagoria goes that far that suggests Browder not Putin, controls russian prosecutors, judges, prison staff, doctors..
    Maybe Pinocchio killed him, was that crossed your mind?

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    Politikovskaya dedicated her life to the criticism of Putin and FSB, and wrote a book "Putin's Russia" – en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Putin's_Russia_(book), but yet there must be someone else killed her, as Putin is well known as a democrat and altruist, right?
    Also, "military guys" have nothing to do with the boss, right?

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    Litvinenko was not a victim of plutonium poisoning, he was a victim of POLONIUM poisoning.
    And now, yet another pearl – he "poisoned himself"!!
    Are there any limits for the fsb phantasmagoria?

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    I haven't noticed ANY information you gave me insight to.
    On the contrary, in all your replies to me and in the previous ones as well, you're persistently ADVOCATING Putin's clan of killers and thieves without a SLIGHTEST TRACE of "sifting the information from both sides".
    All i heard from you is deliberate disinformation and slandering of honorable (murdered) people, the only what an fsb exponent can do.
    Shame on you !!!

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    Now you somehow have managed to include even Yugoslavia in the rant.. (with yet another disinformation btw), once again trying to DEFLECT the subject.
    We don't have to have a common political language to recognize facts.
    A little bit of morals would be quite enough.

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    And the facts are:
    The man referred to Russian court to REPORT a theft of 230M$ FROM RUSSIAN BUDGET (RUSSIAN STATE), not from some Browder!
    The man ended up in prison HIMSELF accused of being a "thief" himself..
    The man was kept in prison for a year, under inhuman conditions, while the investigation "was "in progress"..
    The man was DEPRIVED FROM VISITS of his family!!
    The man was killed in prison.
    The DEAD man is facing another "trial" which has to prove its about a criminal.
    Made in Putinland.

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    Oh wow. I can't believe this. How can America have faith is Russia taking care of their nuclear weapons when they can't even put criminals like this in jail. No wonder why they want a missile defence shield

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    Magnitsky no exposed. Magnitsky was a criminal who did not pay taxes, and who stole from the treasury income tax (5.4 billion rubles). Magnitsky was a lawyer, Magnitsky was an accountant, which created the criminal schemes of tax evasion. Magnitsky died because he was an alcoholic, had viral hepatitis and uncontrolled diabetes. These diseases are a bad influence on his heart, which could not stand the excitement. 

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    Magnitsky reported a theft from the RUSSIAN BUDGET.
    As for his "alcoholism", "viral hepatitis" and "diabetes", how did you forget to mention his terminal stage cancer, leukemia, hiv infection, hemophilia and drug abuse.
    Do you really consider the people reading this, retards?
    I mean retards already believe everything you said, so no need for you to repeat the rant. Others despise your trash.

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    To have whatever political opinion about anything is legitimate, but the extent of dishonor showed by putin's apologists here is simply astounding.
    I hope and i'm sure Russian people will be able to free themselves from the
    bloodsucking and bloodthirsty criminal gang called 'fsb', with its director as
    a (life-long) 'president' of the state. This time for good.

    Exceptional people like Mr.Magnitsky, are a pledge of Russian future.

    All the best.

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    says the country of MASS MURDERS responsible for the deaths of millions since 2001 alone. please go suck a dick with your bullshit propaganda and go off to die so your billionaires can become richer. slag. 

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    what about the theives and murderers in uniform at the white house including Obama, the mass murderer and from pres bush? please, they are already working on a Gitmo list, where you indefinitely detain people without charge and where half have already been cleared for release. americans you can have your head so high, while its firmly up your ass. 

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    It's not just America angry about this case. Most EU states are disgusted and extremely worried about the effects of Russian corruption as well and are making plans for visa bans for the government officials responsible for the Magnitsky fraud and murder. It is an internationally very heated topic.

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    says an honest MAN, you meant. Padon me if I'm wrong, but judging from your comment it seems to me that your head is like a big bowl of soup, where everything gets mixed up like salad. You seem to forget, that this separate issue is about state corrupted of russia killing Magnitsky. Your logic seems to be "america is a country of MASS MURDERERS hence let russia murder its citizens in peace". That is, excuse my french, utterly stupid. 

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    Magnitsky was a simple thief. For those who is speking that Putin will make the country 3rd world – the economy is growing, the payments grow, the army is developing, the debt doesnt exist plus he wiped most of corrupted and USA-invested "businessmans" from politics like Berezovsky. I would worry more about the countries having 16 trillion debt today and THEIR large opportunity to devolve into 3rd world corrupt state.

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    Magnitsky REPORTED a theft from the RUSSIAN BUDGET to RUSSIAN AUTHORITIES. An interesting move of a "simple thief". He was killed for THAT.
    As for the "non-existent" debt:
    "External Debt in Russia increased to 684.30 USD Billion in the first quarter of 2013 from 624 USD Billion in the fourth quarter of 2012. External Debt in Russia is reported by the Central Bank of Russia." – tradingeconomics com

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    Disgusting is your comment.
    Magnitsky REPORTED a huge theft FROM his compatriots (russian budget) to RUSSIAN AUTHORITIES., and paid it with his life.
    Someone who can post so low comment has no shame, so i can't say 'shame on you'.

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    This just shows you how deep the Swiss banking system is involved with corruption. Kempinski hotels has its corporate headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm sure CS was more than happy to do the deal with no risk and a lot of financial culpability as to its origin. The banks are as corrupt as the criminals.

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    Grand Theft just like in the US….Watch Donald Rumsfeld announcing a missing 2 trillion from the Pentagon…whose budget was overseen by "dual-citizen" Dov Zakheim.  Rumsfeld made the announcement on the day before the attack on the Twin Towers took placei….which meant that the theft announcement was buried in other news stories.
    Same global criminal syndicate….looting taxpayers worldwide..

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    funny thing this Russian "patriotism", rattling nukes and smearing the West, yet all want to drive a Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, have a vacationing in France or Italy, why the hell dont they buy Ladas and vacation in Crimea? Hypocrites.

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    It is important to understand why these  people are untouchable. All these actors are low level players working for their Kremlin bosses. Yes, they were paid but the almost all stollen money were to Putin and his close associates.

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    The Russian mafia, known also as the Red Mafiya or the “Red Octopus”, is really the Jewish mafia in disguise. It has secret links to Mossad, the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve Bank, and to powerful Jewish organizations such as AIPAC and the ADL. The activities of the Russian mafia range from the back streets of Moscow to the sex dens of Budapest and Tel Aviv, from the diamond mines of Sierra Leone to the jewelry workshops of Antwerp, from the plush casinos of Vegas and Atlantic City to the multimillion dollar gated mansions of Fisher Island, Miami, from the coke and heroin dives of Odessa and the Black Sea ports to the child porn parlors and underground brothels of Oregon. In the United States, the Russian mafia’s ground zero is Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, right slapbang in the center of America’s most Jewish community.

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    I find it unbelievable that the ordinary Russian people think that Putin has their interests at heart. He so clearly condones the corruption that exists within the Russian political system. If I were a Russian citizen, I would be furious.

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    The comments indicate most viewers believed these allegations about corruption in Russia. But few questioned are posed. Traveling together was the evidence presented. So when you travel beware of whom you travel with.


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