Search for These Vital Elements in Your Synastry Compatibility

These are the features to search for when evaluating charts

for a pair’s astrological compatibility.

Let’s look first on the harmonious features you want to have between these planets.

These features are the Trine, Sextile, and typically the Conjunct.

* Solar and Moon (represents man/lady)

* Solar and Solar (pure affinity)

* Solar and Chiron (reliable)

* Moon and Moon (Emotionally attuned)

* Moon and Ascendant or Descendant (a soul kinship)

* Moon and Mars (Provides some warmth – conjunction could be too combative)

* Venusand Mars (sexual, affectionate

* Venus and Moon (heat caring emotions)

* Venus and Mercury (conversations are

extra agreeable)

* Venus and Jupiter (Enjoyable, Enjoyable, Enjoyable, Plus

good cash facet )

* Venus and Solar (Love and appreciation of that individual)

* Venus and Ascendant/Descendant (Drawn to the physicality of the individual)

* Venus and Chiron (Very constructive for


* Venus and Saturn (long run


* Venus and Uranus (thrilling,


* Venus and Neptune (dreamy


* Venus and Pluto (intense love


* Mars and Ascendant/Descendant

* Mars and Jupiter (Provides plenty of power in

no matter you select to pursue)

* Mars and Chiron (Fertile facet !)

* Jupiter and Chiron (lucky and blessed


* Jupiter and Solar (Rose coloured glasses –


* Jupiter and Mercury (widespread religious


* Jupiter and Ascendant (useful )

* Saturn and Moon (stability,


* Saturn and Ascendant (provides stability and safety)

* Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and any level within the chart is okay.

A very powerful harmonious features to search for in a long run relationship and synastry compatibility are the Solar and Moon features, Venus to Mars/Solar/Ascendant, and Chiron to Venus/Solar/Moon/ Jupiter, and Neptune. So search for these first.

Now the rationale a number of the conjunct features are good “typically” is as a result of it is determined by the particular person. With Saturn, it delays, teaches and restricts – nevertheless it will also be a supply of dependability and stability. If you’re somebody who wants plenty of freedom in your relationship and does not wish to be relied on an excessive amount of, this facet can really feel too restrictive. However in case you are on the lookout for a companion who could be convey a lot wanted stability to your feelings (moon), self expression (solar), or

to a relationship (Ascendant/descendant) you may desire this facet.

Neptune then again could be fairly dreamy – to a fault. Disillusionment and victimhood could possibly be introduced out in a relationship with this facet (to not point out substance abuse). With Uranus, a conjunction may point out many separations (say your companion was a pilot or traveled loads on enterprise this would not be so unhealthy) nonetheless, if you happen to had been somebody who most popular a 9 to five companion, this might trigger many issues. After which there’s Pluto nicely, depth is sweet for some issues and never at all times good for others…..

Subsequent we’ll take a look at the features in synastry compatibility to LOOK OUT FOR ! YIKES

Search for squares, oppositions, and typically the conjunct between you and your companion’s planets, particularly between the outer planets (saturn, neptune, uranus, and pluto) to your private planets (solar, moon, mercury, venus, mars). The lacking planet, Jupiter, is a combined bag. At a sq. or reverse facet it roughly provides vanity, exaggeration, laziness, and overdoing. Nothing too unhealthy, however may add an annoying ingredient to the combo.

Probably the most difficult (to say the least) features to search for are from Saturn to Venus, Moon, and Chiron. It’s known as the “heartbreak facet” in some astrology books. So look out for these ! The subsequent most tough are from Uranus due to the reversal or separation impact. Pluto to your private planets could be convey you manipulation/possessiveness/jealousy/over-controlling. And Neptune once more, can lead you down the street to dissolution and disillusions.

In order you’ll be able to see squares and oppositions largely denote an issue space in a relationship. Nonetheless, it could even have a stimulating have an effect on as nicely. It’s essential to look to your synastry mixtures to see how your squares and oppositions are working in your relationships.

Subsequent take a look at the midpoint between the Solar and Moon. Take your solar/moon midpoint and examine to see if the opposite individual’s Solar or Moon makes a Arduous facet to it, corresponding to; conjunct, sq., opposition, sesquiquadrate, semi-square inside eight levels. Then examine his/hers to yours. Mix the 2 midpoints, to get your mixed midpoint, and examine each units of moons/suns up to now. This provides power to the union to make it “official” so to talk – Not that it at all times ends in marriage, however there’s hardly ever a pair on the market that does not have some connection right here. You possibly can even examine the

progressed charts. Progressed solar by ahead or converse development could make this facet too, particularly when the couple meets or after they turn out to be extra dedicated.

Now, in assessing your synastry, if you happen to had been on the lookout for “Mr. Proper, or Ms. Proper” and it is essential to have sparks in your relationship search for harmonious features involving venus with mars, pluto, and uranus and Mars to jupiter, and ascendant. If you’re on the lookout for a superb companion and the sparks usually are not so essential search for venus and moon, venus, saturn, solar, and ascendant. In order for you a relationship that is not too predictable search for harmonious features with uranus. If, nonetheless, you like stability, longevity and safety look to harmonious features with saturn.

Now bear in mind, even probably the most romantic , even the ‘ whose marriages have turn out to be golden, and even cinderella and prince charming, had some difficult features of their synastry compatibility. Nonetheless, it makes for a extra satisfying relationship the extra harmonious features you’ve. And it’s important to determine what’s essential to you in a relationship, what you’ll be able to overcome, and what you’ll be able to put up with !

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