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    The version after the watershed is much more graphic and makes more sense. Far more hard hitting. In pre-watershed video he just runs off and then gets arrested.

    Members of gangs will probably ignore it, after all these kids think they won't get caught, that according to their minds only happens to other people, not them

    Fair play to the Government, Home office and the Police, I'm 31 and I've never seen a law enforcement TV push like this. Its on every ad break on MTV.

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    if u hang wiv gangs witv knifes u'll probs like the street cred u'll gain from being in jail so if i did this campaign i wud hv the bad endin b tht he gets a spankin frm his mother in front of his m8s LOL cuz tht wud defo mean u loosin ur street cred n ending up a geek that hangs out with some better behaved m8s perhaps

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    jbmdirtyshotgun and jonanice.
    your idiots
    simple as
    u don't just walk away from a murder. the police find you and send you to prison where you get to spend some "quality time" a 7 foot weight lifter called Bubba who has been deprived of female contact for over a decade. think how much "street cred that'd get you" it'll be coming out've every orifice on your body. Unlike Bubba…

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    It's interesting that no matter how many anti-weapon laws are imposed in Britain, the violent crime rate still increases.

    No matter how many "awareness" videos are created, criminals won't care, they'll still keep doing what they're doing and get away with it, because they do not care about laws.

    It's depressing how far Britain has fallen from the once great empire it used to be.

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    I just don't get it. I live in Texas and carry a knife and a pistol on me and have never had any problems. Sometimes I even have a 12gauge in my truck, but that's mainly during buck season. My point is, guns and knifes don't hurt people, stupid person with guns and knifes do? I don't know. I cant believe its 4 years for carrying a knife. I don't even think you get 4 years for shooting someone here.


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