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    dont take a mobile phone or any other digital device, or if you must remove the battery from the phone so a remote source cant access the battery supply to transmit signal without you knowing.

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    passports have RFID tracking technology in the cover, and im pretty sure even some new bank notes have RFID tech in lower denominations to reach all financial classes.

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    Nice that they caught a murderer but this is going to far. Tracking people with cell phones, putting cameras all over.

    When are people going to say enough is enough?

    How orwellian do things need to get. We don't need a police state. But people are ignorant sheep. They'll complain about things, but they'll just suck it up.

    Then the level of control goes up incrementally from there.

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    So what did we learn today my little criminal friends?…when we go out to murder somebody..leave your cell phone at home!
    Thanks I.D…this concludes today's lesson.

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    "By using global positioning chips in cellphones, investigators can trace a phone's location by analyzing its signal strength to a given tower."

    "Global positioning chips" seems like a misnomer, since the tracking technique is used "locally" in the sense that the signal strength of the phone varies based on the distance to local antenna towers.


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