Thailand four: Behind the scenes of my viral elephant video


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    I love getting to see the behind the scenes of your work as a travel journalist. It's what I'd love to do one day, so I find all of your vids to be super inspirational. Loving these Thailand vlogs especially!

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    We were in Thailand around the same time! I believe I flew in a week after you. Thanks for sharing this story. It was very bittersweet to see the elephants up close. My friend and I visited a camp that claimed to be very ethical, but even that was a bit of a tourist trap because though we refused to ride elephants with seats on their backs, we ended up seeing a few along one side, and had assumed prior (when looking online) that there were absolutely none. It's very important to do thorough research before visiting any sanctuaries, because even the ones that claim to be ethical, may not be. It was such a great experience to feed the elephants and spend time with them, but it was also something very difficult to see. I'm never going to forget it, and I'm grateful and glad that individuals like you take the time and effort to shed light on these stories.


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