The 2nd Revolution

As we speak, we dwell in a world full of deception, deceit, and lies. The USA authorities continues to perpetrate gross unjustifications on the general public. Sadly, although there actually has not been a unified effort to make our authorities accountable for all of the travesties that they’ve imposed on the American citizen. Bear in mind the 99% motion of just some years in the past. That protest by no means acquired organized for if it did perhaps simply perhaps issues can be a bit of bit higher as we speak. It’s the public although which have been so indoctrinated in accepting no matter the federal government mandates. There have been numerous numbers of unfunded mandates imposed on the American citizen all of which have put monetary strains on apply each American. That’s simply a part of the problems going through us as we speak.

The largest disaster going through us as we speak requires us to appreciate that there are two teams of males on this planet as we speak. On one hand there are males allied with the Creator. Then there are those that alien themselves with the Created. A battle for supremacy as one would put it, males allied with life and dwelling versa males allied with issues different males created like cash and firms. It’s this battle that has been waged for hundreds of years. We at all times have a alternative between what is really beneficial, like life, well being, household, meals, properties and communities. Others have a look at what is effective in fairly a unique scope. An phantasm if you’ll the place they really feel firms, cash and all else that substitutes itself for what’s precise. For hundreds of years, Mankind has been dwelling in an phantasm, half-asleep, unconscious, manipulated, and abused. It couldn’t be any more true than proper in the US.

To many individuals don’t understand that the US is principally a company instrument of the worldwide banking conglomerates. What this implies is that each American are owned by the company aka, the federal government of the US. This additionally signifies that the company United States holds possession of all of your belongings, your property and even ones youngsters. Take into consideration all of the payments we’re compelled to pay, all these completely different taxes and fines and even licenses we’ve got to pay for. And, all this began in 1871.

When congress handed the Act of 1871 and subsequent laws we the individuals have been deceived ever since considering we’re free and impartial when surely we proceed to be slaves and servants of the company. Our ignorance of the info has led to our silence and our silence has been constrained as our consent to turn out to be beneficiaries of a debt we didn’t incur. The actual fact of the matter is that treason was dedicated in opposition to the Individuals with the passage of the Act of 1871. Via lust for cash and energy this act was by no means corrected. We the individuals have misplaced extra freedom than we understand because of the company infiltration of presidency.

Our ignorance of the legislation has led this nation to the brink of catastrophe. It’s everybody's duty and our obligation as an American to be taught in regards to the legislation and the way it applies to everybody. The federal government has for many years depend on the truth that most individuals are both too distracted, lazy or uninterested to see what is definitely occurring to the nation. We the Individuals have been for too lengthy mentally conditioned to permit the unlawful authorities to behave with impunity.

As we speak, it’s although nobody actually cares to know simply what the Act of 1871 has executed to the very core of America. Simply consider all of the wars and brave women and men who laid down their lives for the preservation of the beliefs of our founding fathers. When actually these concepts had been tossed away by the lust for cash and energy. What we’d like as we speak is a Revolution in thought and in our considering if we’re to ever have an opportunity to proper the wrongs imposed by unscrupulous people who proceed to behave in accordance with the welfare of the Company United States.

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