The Greatest Hazard for Earth – The Hercolubus (Planet X) Inbound

Insiders from NASA, DoD nationwide army intelligence, SETI, and the CIA speculate 2/Three of the inhabitants of the planet might perish in the course of the coming pole-shift attributable to the passage of Hercolubus (Planet X). One other 2/Three of people who survive initially might cross away to hunger and publicity to the weather inside 6 months.

Most each secretive authorities company within the USA is absolutely conscious of what’s anticipated and are readying themselves. The Vatican is absolutely abreast of what’s anticipated. The general public isn’t being warned and given their probability to arrange.

The amount of leaks from insiders, observatories, and the Vatican is bursting the dam of this disclosure vast open. A very powerful story on earth in over 3000 years is quick breaking free from being held again by the controllers of the monetary markets and main media for worry of panic and monetary collapse.

These controllers put cash in larger regard than folks. The general public will be given an opportunity to arrange by being knowledgeable. Our planet might very properly be about to undergo large common earth modifications as soon as once more because of the passage of Hercolubus by our speedy photo voltaic system.

Many areas at the moment are getting a minor preview of those occasions now due to the plasmatic electromagnetic connection between the planets. They’re experiencing uncommon climate, storms, volcanism, and seismic exercise.

Hercolubus orbits between our solar and its darkish twin. A diagram from the 1987-1989 NEW ILLUSTRATED SCIENCE & INVENTION ENCYCLOPEDIA in quantity 18 beneath Area Probes reveals our lifeless twin solar & the 10th planet.

It reveals one of many extra amusing items of proof for the existence of Hercolubus is an image from the 1987 New Science and Invention Encyclopedia. In a bit on area probes, the encyclopedia reveals the paths of the two Pioneer probes and illustrates how the probes have been used within the seek for extra planets. It reveals the Earth, the Solar, a lifeless star (at 50 billion miles or 538 AU) and a tenth planet (Hercolubus) (at Four.7 billion miles or 50 AU).

Zecharia Sitchin, the world famend scholar and archaeologist, does point out now and again his information of the return of Nibiru “AT THIS TIME”! To be too public about it, would maybe show harmful due to his weight within the scientific neighborhood.

Sitchin additionally states completely & overtly: “When Planet X (Hercolubus) returns, it might take away 90% of at the moment unsatisfactory human beings from the planet!”

A bunch of scientists in Russia, held a number of conferences within the 12 months 2000 to debate the inbound planet, found from considered one of their largest observatories. A 66 12 months outdated professor and physicist let or not it’s recognized that he attended this assembly. This led to the notorious “2003 Drawback” from a Reuters information service wire on Sept.13th, 2000. High Russian authorities officers referred to as for a fee to check the issue which was stated to anticipate to trigger “a string of calamities and an enormous inhabitants shrinkage.” They freely puzzled whether or not Russia would nonetheless even exist as a rustic afterward.

Andrei Shukshin, stated: “What we do know is that Hercolubus (Planet X) is inbound now. Due to the comets tail drag, this issue retains various the velocity and thus the time of passage cannot be calculated precisely”.

A big observatory in St. Petersburg, Russia admit they’ve been watching Hercolubus (Planet X) for Three years and are apprehensive in regards to the substantial injury it might trigger to Earth throughout its passage. The identify they gave for Hercolubus was “Raja Solar” or “Nice Star”.

A neighborhood observatory on Victoria Island, Canada, admits that they’ve seen Hercolubus however they don’t wish to communicate in regards to the injury it might trigger with its passage.

Insiders in NASA & the army privately affirm that lots of them are quietly contracting out the constructing of dome-homes (strongest construction recognized to man) within the higher USA (one of many stated most secure areas). These domes can stand up to hurricane pressure winds and earthquakes. If these domes are constructed within the rolling hills or foothills, properly away from the shorelines, main inhabitants facilities, and flat plains (which can be anticipated to flood with the fixed rain and melting poles), they assume the probabilities of survival are good.

However actually that’s not a protected shelter; the one chance to outlive to the arrival of Hercolubus (Planet X) is to have a minimal conscience degree that permits you to cross to the subsequent mankind with out contaminate them.

Trusting the pentagon and the federal government to protect itself & relay wanted data to guard you is clearly illogical. Hercolubus is Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, or THE MOST REVERED HEAVENLY BODY IN ALL ANTIQUITY. After 3660 years on its common orbit, our 10th planet will cross once more. Hercolubus’s results on Earth, from prior passings, are recorded in historical texts and in THE SCIENCE OF GEOLOGY & ARCHEOLOGY.

There are 50 names for Planet X. “The Destroyer” is the most recent identify from New Zealand.


Father Malachi Martin labored in and across the highest echelons of the Catholic Church, had an ear to the pope, and held Three doctorates. He defined in 1997 that the celestial physique approaching us will trigger hundreds of thousands to perish throughout its passage in 5-10 years. He stated to look to the skies for an indication of impending doom. The signal shall be within the type of a cross and everybody will see it. (Hercolubus is claimed to seem like a purple cross within the sky when it first seems)

Additionally, Malachi Martin has learn the “Third Secret of Fatima”, which he wouldn’t speak about it with Artwork Bell on the air. Artwork did ask him, “Would hundreds of thousands of individuals perish?” Malachi replied, “It’s worse than that, it’s worse than you possibly can think about”.

The Vatican truly owns its’ personal telescope named VATT (Vatican Superior Know-how Telescope) which is operated out of the Mt. Graham Observatory, positioned in SE Arizona.

The aim for Mt. Graham Worldwide Observatory is defined in an interview with Artwork Bell. The precise time of the clip is April fifth, 1997 at Four:30AM PST. The entire broadcast begins Friday, April 4th, 1997 at 10 PM PST.

Father Malachi Martin’s background: Eminent theologian, professional on the Catholic Church, former Jesuit and professor on the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute. He was skilled in theology at Louvain. There he acquired his doctorates in Semitic Languages, Archaeology and Oriental Historical past. He subsequently studied at Oxford and at Hebrew College in Jerusalem.

From 1958 to 1964 he served in Rome, the place he was a detailed affiliate of the famend Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea and Pope John XXIII. Martin handed away late 1999. Some imagine his dying was a results of his open disclosures of the inbound planet and that the Vatican didn’t wish to reveal that Wormwood (Biblical identify for Hercolubus) was additionally tied to the “Third Secret of Fatima”.

Evidently the Catholic Church sponsors and engages in scientific research and never simply to show biblical historical past.

As of late there’s been a rash of observatories which have closed their doorways for numerous causes or have been destroyed. Many will merely not level their gear for anybody within the route of the Orion constellation in the event that they do stay open. Some will give an excuse that there’s some form of obstruction in the best way or gear failure.

All of sudden, renovations are their favourite excuse. Griffith Observatory is the most recent of a handful of the nation’s oldest planetariums to endure main renovations in recent times. Others embrace the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum in Chicago and the Hayden Planetarium on the Rose Heart for Earth and Area in New York. Coincidental or not, there are different observatories in numerous nations doing the identical factor at the moment.

Hercolubus (Planet X) has INTENTIONALLY BEEN MADE TO SOUND RIDICULOUS and complicated for a number of causes. One in all which is to keep away from inflicting panic among the many world’s inhabitants.

Many web sites and articles proceed to be written about Hercolubus (Planet X) that unfold lies and disinformation.

1.) They are saying Hercolubus (Planet X) solely MAY exist or there is not any proof for its existence or it comes round solely as soon as each few million years if it does exist. This primary degree of disinformation is widespread.

2.) The second layer of disinformation is for those that have achieved their homework and completely know that Hercolubus (Planet X) does exist. For them, the disinformation artists are saying it is not going to arrive in our lifetime.

Three.) Lastly, for the observatories which can be fully conscious of Hercolubus (Planet X) and its approximate arrival time, they’re saying “maintain quiet and don’t be concerned, nothing will occur in the course of the passage.”

Hercolubus’s MASS, HIGH-PLASMA-CHARGED MAGNETISM, and DENSITY are such that it DISRUPTS the floor of EVERY PLANET IT PASSES. Actually, historical past reveals a number of YEARS PRIOR to its passage that its far reaching electromagnetic affect modifications Earth’s core flows, TRIGGERING MAJOR WEATHER CHANGES.

VOLCANIC and SEISMIC ACTIVITY begin to change Three-Four many years prior to every passage. Since 1996 conventional WEATHER has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY, breaking all time data often. The up-tick of QUAKES, VOLCANIC INCIDENTS and modifications in ELECTROMAGNETICS are being saved out of the media as a lot as doable.

Climate alone can falsely be blamed on international warming & solar cycles however not earth’s rumblings and photo voltaic system vast modifications on the similar time.

99% of the universe is made up of charged-plasma on the atomic degree. Planets are densely charged plasma spheres. The strategy of Hercolubus (Planet X) again into our speedy photo voltaic system is sending an incredible quantity of electrically charged plasmatic power particles in waves to all of the planets in our photo voltaic system by way of the filamentary magnetic area traces that criss-cross the universe. Your entire Universe is a linked net of electrical energy and plasma is the conductor.

The media would have you ever imagine that the air pollution of our industrial civilization is the reason for the climate modifications or has brought on international warming over the previous couple of years. Since all planets in our photo voltaic system are experiencing dramatic modifications, how can any of this be blamed on our irresponsible actions right here Earth.

Why do they fail to say the seismic and volcanic modifications occurring concurrently?

Why would ice cores present common and dramatic modifications in Earths local weather from the previous?

If you perceive how our solar and each different planet in our photo voltaic system are being affected by Hercolubus’s strategy, you may see how ridiculous the media cover-up turns into.

That is the Russian perspective on earth modifications. Volcanic and seismic actions have elevated 400-500 % since 1975. All planets are altering, Earth isn’t singled out. Principally, every little thing within the photo voltaic system is experiencing uncommon phenomena, elevated exercise and weird climate. Onerous information are going unreported by western media. Dr. Dmitriev’s work reveals that the planets themselves are altering.

They’re present process variations of their atmospheres. For instance, the Martian environment is getting sizably thicker and Earth’s moon is rising an environment and in keeping with Dmitriev, there’s a 6,000 kilometer deep layer of Natrium that wasn’t there beforehand. He says that we’re having this sort of change within the higher ranges of Earth’s environment the place HO fuel is forming that wasn’t there earlier than; it merely didn’t exist within the amount that it does now. It isn’t associated to international warming and it is not associated to CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions or any of that stuff. It is simply displaying up.

Magnetic fields and brightness of the planets are altering. The planets are experiencing sizable will increase of their general luminosity. Venus for instance, is displaying us marked elevations in its general brightness. Jupiter has such a excessive energetic cost now that there’s truly a visual tube of ionizing radiation that has fashioned between it and its moon. You possibly can truly see the luminous power tube in pictures which have been taken lately. As well as, the magnetic area energy of every planet has elevated.

Uranus and Neptune seem to have had current pole shifts. When the Voyager 2 area probe flew previous Uranus and Neptune, the obvious north and south magnetic poles have been sizably offset from the place the rotational pole was. In a single case, it was 50 levels off and within the different case the distinction was round 40 levels, each of that are fairly large modifications.

The general modifications might primarily be damaged down into three classes:

• Power area modifications

• Luminosity modifications

• Atmospheric modifications

Pure disasters elevated 410 % between 1963 and 1993. This doesn’t have in mind the biggest will increase which have taken place within the final Eight-9 years since then! Dr. Dmitriev did a really elaborate calculation of pure disasters, to provide you with these figures. Even the Solar’s magnetic area elevated by 230 % since 1901.

So, all in all, what we’re seeing is much more than simply what they name Earth Adjustments. Very, only a few persons are conscious of the work that’s being achieved within the Russian Nationwide Academy of Sciences in Siberia, particularly in Novosibirsk, the place they’re doing this analysis.

A part of Dr. Dmitriev’s analysis reveals that the glowing plasma on the fringe of our Photo voltaic System has lately elevated 1000 %. Greater-charged power is in flip thrilling the plasma and inflicting extra of it to kind, so that you see extra luminosity, extra brightness. This power is then flowing into the Solar, which in flip emits the power and spreads it out alongside its equatorial aircraft, which known as the Ecliptic.

All that is occurring all on the similar time and it is all working as much as a crescendo the place there may be going to be a sudden shift.

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