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    In fairness, this has nothing really to do with BLM. There is no evidence linking this crime to them.

    BLM is a transient phenomenon. Nigger race-hatred and violence is a constant, this being simply a recent and unusually well-publicised example.

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    What can one expect? Division is the perfect tool for ignorance and blindness. Bigotry is engrained in society, indeed god is dead and we prove it every day. Society is not to be blindly followed and emulated. Much love to all life, priceless in every way too bad we cannot realize it.

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    I tend to agree, although I am adamantly against the BLM group who have had racism within the loosely connected BLM groups, I do not see the connection between BLM and these asshat human pieces of garbage. This is obviously racially motivated, but attributing as an act by or affiliated with BLM is counter productive and only negates arguments against such a group as it spreads misinformation. These people should be punished, but making a connection between this group of garbage and BLM is just using racism against racists. some BLM groups independently do enough to hurt their cause, they don't need misinformation to make them a victim and give them a valid box to speak on.

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    Man I clicked on a video on the up next section saying this was not a hate crime just to hear someone with a different views opinion and my lord the first couple of sentences out of the fellas mouth was white people have done worse and its not getting coverage.  One of the top comments was " How many white infants have black people fed to alligators? ". I live in Ireland and I truly pity what fucking nonsense you have to but up with when calling black people out on there racism even when there is video evidence for the whole fucking world to see. Keep up the videos I don't 100% agree with your view on things but it is great to see both sides of racism and crushing the false narrative of black people are not racists. Peace.


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