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    Sorry but the vid isn't very clear & could be saying anything. This is a poor example. While I do believe that we're getting false reports to get funding you need to get better proof. 

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    Triple fence with the middle one being electric along with buried mines at various depths will secure the border. Need private third party groups to hold police and other government agencies accountable.

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    Not clear? You can hear exactly what she was saying. It only had voice masking noise added to the deputy's voice to protect the identity of their informant.

    Even if you don't understand the technical discussion, the analyst expresses that the alterations of the reports would get the sheriff in trouble if they were discovered. That should be enough interpretative context for anyone to understand the nature of what she had said previously.

    Come on. Think critically!

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    This is almost as bad as the IRS paying illegals 4.6 billion dollars in tax returns, when they pay nothing in income taxes!!! Teach an illegal how to screw our government, and they're on it like the parasites they really are! Obama is THEIR friend…the citizens of this country are their banks! 

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    Thats the reason fo the second video they are going to put out that they talked about in the end. This video looks like it is meant to just get your interest in whats going on.

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    I'm not saying there isn't a case for someone to check. I'm saying I couldn't understand what was being said. What I'm hearing is so garbled as it's unintelligible. What makes you think that Holder will do anything? We have him dead to rights on F&F. Yet Oblamo is blocking that investigation.

    Washington doesn't want the American people to know all that graft that's going on. Else they would want an accounting. Also, the gov needs to say that everything is OK so they can waste more money.

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    You notice I said "you rode in on", not "birthed you". I didn't insult your mother. If I had said "birthed you", you would have had grounds for insulting my mother. I demand an apology and a more sensible obscenity.

    You said outright that you celebrate each time a police officer is killed in the line of duty. As a non-anarchist, and as an American, I respectfully say, "Fuck you."

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    VAWA (The Violence Against Women Act) is the most egregiously corrupt piece of legislation in the USA. VAWA promises millions of $ of federal funds into the hands of do nothing pigs under the assumption that they are combating domestic violence (the non-male victims anyways).

    Corrupt Maine prosecutor Mary Kellett's office gets VAWA funds proportional to the number of rape & DV CHARGES she brings forth. Ludicrous numbers of innocent men are being falsely accused to line her pockets.



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