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    It appears that we are maintaining more forces than what we can economically afford.The various cuts imposed on the expenditure of the forces since Independence has started telling its effects now. Forces are expensive to maintain and saving on these will kill its very purpose of its existence.

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    Already India has huge defense budget over all but our requirements are much as per scenario face by India. if you compare with other countries their challenges completely different in terms of geography, economically, socially as well as politically. In case of India both defense forces [military & para-military]need up-gradation in terms of technology, infrastructures. we must be done as soon as possible so to do that we need to balance quality and quantity. In this time situation rise in such manner we can not compromise quality for quantity. we have a quantity but not have quality. if we spend most of the budget on quantity then you can not imagine how much burden you put on economy and you said para-military should equal paid it's not only unaffordable as well as unsustainable for long time to do that we need cut down our quantity [ reducing defense force ] just like china did that but problem remain same and again national security will get compromise. and other scenario if we want both then we need to be ready to pay more taxes. so please don't help or support to create unrest in para-military forces because our enemy wants same that India suppose to be distract from Emphasis on Quality. and at last we have to pay for that. if really something gone wrong within any defense forces at local level then our defense forces are capable to resolve that through own mechanism, so their no matter to panic and any need to interfere.


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